• Appropriate Funeral Attire for Women

    Funerals are an emotional time and can be difficult for anyway, no matter what their relationship to the deceased was—it is never easy to lose someone. When attending a funeral service, picking out an appropriate outfit to wear can be especially difficult.

    Watch this video for tips on appropriate funeral attire for women. As women have a much more expansive wardrobe than men, it can be a challenge to know what is right to wear. When in doubt, wearing conservative clothes in black or navy is a safe bet.

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  • Appropriate Funeral Attire

    Dressing appropriately for the visitation at the funeral home, church service, or interment ceremony is a sign of respect to the decedent and the surviving family members. In most cases, it’s advisable to wear somber, conservative clothing. Men can wear a suit and tie. Ladies can wear a dress or skirt, blouse, and blazer. Try to avoid selecting clothing with bright colors or flashy patterns. It’s also generally a good idea to wear minimal, conservative makeup and jewelry, if any.

    For more advice on selecting an appropriate outfit for the funeral services, watch this video. This funeral director recommends contacting the funeral home or the immediate family to find out if there are any clothing preferences. Some families prefer that mourners wear an all-black outfit, for example.

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