• Examining the Benefits of a Public Viewing Before Cremation

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    Feelings of sadness and anxiety can be overwhelming in the days after losing a loved one. It’s especially difficult if the deceased leaves no instructions regarding his or her remains and burial, forcing you to guess what he or she would have wanted. If you’re unsure of whether to go with a traditional burial or a cremation, you might consider incorporating elements of each by organizing a public viewing before the cremation. Here are a few of the benefits of having a public viewing at a Lakewood, Washington funeral home before cremation.

    Gather Loved Ones
    It’s comforting to have friends and family around while you’re mourning a loved one. A public viewing is a somber but appropriate excuse for loved ones to gather, allowing them to mourn with you and comfort you in your time of need. In the days before and after the public viewing, you and your loved ones can tell your favorite stories and together figure out how to say goodbye.

    Obtain Closure
    The mourning process is different for everyone. Some people—and this may include you—need a public viewing in order to accept the passing of a loved one. Putting together a public viewing will provide yourself and your loved ones with a tangible event at which you can say goodbye to your loved one and obtain some measure of closure, which is crucial to the grieving process.

    Uphold Tradition
    There are numerous beliefs and traditions surrounding death and burial. For instance, many people believe that a public viewing is a crucial part of mourning. If upholding tradition is important to you and your family, then you may be comforted by a public viewing before the cremation.

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  • Building a Funeral Pre-Plan That Involves Cremation

    When you pre-plan your own arrangements, you can ensure that your wishes will be carried out and that the surviving loved ones won’t be faced with difficult decisions. Like funeral services with burial to follow, cremation services can be as simple or complex as you wish. Cremation offers considerable flexibility. You could choose to arrange a funeral service prior to the cremation or you might prefer that your loved ones hold a simple memorial service afterward. You can also specify the final destination of your cremains, if you wish.

    Funeral Service

    Consider whether you wish your loved ones to hold a visitation and funeral service prior to the cremation. If so, consider whether you have a preference regarding where your funeral services will take place. It’s customary to hold the service in a place of worship, but this is not necessary. If you are not an adherent of a religion, it’s particularly important to specify your wishes regarding the funeral service officiant, and the passages to be read and music to be played. Otherwise, the surviving loved ones may disagree about what your preferences would have been.

    Memorial Service

    Many people who make pre-need arrangements for a cremation decide that they would prefer a memorial service after the cremation. This memorial service may be an informal event held at the family home, a formal event held at the funeral home, or a religious event held in a place of worship.


    Once you’ve finalized the details of the funeral or memorial service, it’s time to consider what you would like your loved ones to do with the cremains. You could choose to have the cremains interred in an indoor or outdoor columbarium at a memorial park. Alternatively, you could choose to have the cremains buried.

    Cremains Preservation

    If you would prefer that your cremains not be buried or interred, you do have other options. You could entrust them to the safekeeping of a loved one, have them scattered, or even have them incorporated into an artificial reef or cremation jewelry.

    View your funeral pre-planning guide online today at the website of Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park, and Crematory . Or, call our funeral home in Lakewood, Washington at (253) 584-0252 to discuss your pre-need arrangements with one of our funeral directors. For years, our memorial park has served the end-of-life needs of our community with compassionate and respectful care.

  • Choosing a Cemetery for Cremated Human Remains [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Death is a natural part of life, but it can still be an emotional and overwhelming event for those who survive a loved one. If you are making arrangements for someone who has passed away, or pre-planning your own funeral, consider choosing cremation and laying the remains to rest in a cemetery. Burial of cremated remains takes up less land than a traditional burial, and is often a more economical choice. Placing cremated remains in a cemetery offers mourners a permanent place to pay their respects, and lets future generations honor their predecessors as well. Take a look at this infographic from Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park and Crematory in Tacoma to learn more about reasons to consider cremation, and the benefits of placing the remains in a cemetery. Please share with your friends and loved ones.

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  • Answering Your Family’s Questions About Cremation

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    If you’ve pre-planned your own funeral and have decided to have cremation services , or if a loved one has passed and has been cremated, your family members may have some questions for you. Young children, in particular, may be curious about what the process entails.

    What Is Involved with Cremation?
    If a young child asks you how a cremation is conducted, be sure to use age-appropriate language to avoid alarming him or her. Additionally, reassure the child that the decedent is no longer alive and so can no longer feel any pain. Explain that the body is placed into a casket and then into a crematorium, where it is exposed to heat. The intense heat reduces the body to its most basic components, including bone fragments.

    Why Would Someone Choose Cremation?
    If your family is accustomed to burial services, your loved ones may have trouble understanding why someone might choose cremation services. Explain that this is a highly personal decision and that everyone’s preferences are unique. Many people choose cremation for religious or environmental reasons. Others simply do not like the idea of lying in the ground.

    Is It Possible to Have a Ceremony?
    This is a common concern of family members. In fact, choosing cremation services may sometimes be a more flexible option than choosing burial services. Families may hold a visitation at the funeral home. They may choose to display the body in a casket at the visitation. Or, they may choose to hold a memorial visitation after the cremation, in which case they would display the urn instead. Funeral services at a house of worship may be held. Following this, families might choose to hold an ash scattering ceremony, or they may enter the urn at the cemetery or memorial park.

    The funeral advisors of Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory are available to answer all of your questions about our funeral services, memorial park, and cremation services near Tacoma. We also provide extensive funeral pre-planning services. Contact us at (253) 584-0252 or browse our website for more information.

  • Selecting a Cremation Urn

    cremation urn tacoma - mountain view funeral home If your loved one requested cremation services in his or her final wishes, your family will need to select a cremation urn. Before considering the style of urn your loved one may have wanted, it’s advisable to consult the funeral home. The funeral director can let you know what size to select, which will depend on whether you plan to scatter some of the ashes. Bear in mind that if you do choose a smaller urn, you may need a larger temporary urn until after the scattering ceremony. Additionally, if your family intends to inter the ashes at a columbarium at the cemetery, you will need to determine if there are any regulations regarding the size and type of cremation urns allowed.

    Next, consider the type of material the urn should be made of. If your loved one specified that he or she wished to have a green cremation, choose an urn made from sustainable materials. Some common materials used to make cremation urns include bronze, porcelain, marble, ceramic, granite, and wood. Next, select a style that best suits the decedent. Some urns are designed for veterans, outdoor lovers, or infants, for example.

    Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory can help you design cremation services near Tacoma that reflect the true spirit of your lost loved one. Contact us at (253) 584-0252 or visit our peaceful memorial park .

  • Talking to Your Child About Cremation

    If you are planning a cremation ceremony, your children may be curious about what happens during cremation. Similar to discussing death with your child, you should you keep your explanations of cremation simple and easy for them to understand. For example, avoid using words that have frightening connotations, such as fire and burn.

    If your children ask about cremation or funeral services, you can simply tell them that the body is enclosed in a casket or container and taken to a place called a crematory. Instead of mentioning fire or burning, explain that cremation is a special process where the body turns into small particles looking like fine gray or white sand. Make sure to explain to your children that the body will experience no pain during the cremation process. You can then tell your children that the remains are put in a container called an urn, which the family gets to keep. If your loved one has already been cremated, you can show your children the urn.

    Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory has been offering grief support services in the Tacoma community since 1989. You can reach us by calling (253) 584-0252.

  • Comparing Cremation and Burial

    The decision to be cremated or buried is a very personal decision, and one that relies on personal preferences, spiritual beliefs, and one’s budget. The ceremony surrounding a cremation can mimic a traditional burial, but cremation also allows for more personal celebrations. For example, one’s cremated remains can be scattered in a favorite location, planted alongside a tree, or kept at home in a beautiful urn. Watch this short clip to learn more about the differences between cremation and burial.

    Whether you’re pre-planning your own funeral or making arrangements for a loved one, the compassionate funeral planners at Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory are here to help you every step of the way. Please call our full-service funeral home and crematorium at (253) 584-0252 to learn more about the differences between cremation and burial and other funeral options.

  • Is Cremation Right for You?

    Many people choose to pre-plan a funeral so that their families do not have to concern themselves with this task upon their passing. If you have decided to arrange your own funeral, consider cremation services near Tacoma.

    One reason why so many people are now using cremation is because it can provide greater control over their final resting places. If you take advantage of this option instead of conventional burial services, you can request that your family place your ashes in an urn. You can also have your ashes spread at a location with special meaning to you. You might even have your ashes buried at a memorial park. Cremation also makes sense if you prefer to minimize your impact on the environment or reduce the expense that your family might otherwise pay for traditional burial services.

    To learn more about cremation , call Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory at (253) 584-0252. Our associates are available to answer your questions and help you pre-plan a funeral with or without cremation services. You can also go to our website for additional information on our complete funeral, cremation, and burial options.