Remembering Your Loved One Over the Holidays

The holidays can be especially tough if you’ve lost a loved one. Grief can make it hard to celebrate and painful to remember the happy holidays of the past. However, taking some time to remember and honor your loved one can help you heal.  

Finding something that’s meaningful to you is a very personal process. Here are some suggestions you might find helpful. 

  • Attend a memorial service. These services are often held during the holiday season, whether in places of worship or other locations in the community. Do some research to find one that lets you display a photo, share information about your loved one, and join with others in remembering the people you’ve lost.  
  • Light a candle and keep it burning on tough days. Some people find it meaningful to visit a place of worship to light a candle, while others find comfort in having a special candle at home to light in memory of the person they’ve lost.  
  • Create a photo display. It can be one photo of your loved one or a whole collection, sitting on a table or decorating a wall. The point is to have a place where you can feel comforted by happy memories.  
  • Make or buy a memorial ornament. If you put up a Christmas tree each year, it can be extremely meaningful to have a special ornament to hang in honor of your loved one. Each year, when you place it on the tree, you can take a few moments to reflect and remember.  
  • Donate or volunteer in your loved one’s honor. Did the person who died have a special charity that was near to his or her heart? Did he or she volunteer during the holidays, wrapping gifts for children or feeding the hungry? If you can carry on the good work that your loved one enjoyed doing, you’ll be honoring his or her memory in a way that benefits others, as well.  
  • Buy a gift you know he or she would have loved and donate it to charity. Shopping during the holidays can be difficult if you have suffered a recent loss. It may seem that around every corner there’s another gift that would have been perfect. Purchasing one or more of these gifts and giving it to someone in need can make your heart feel a little lighter.  
  • Create a memorial table in your home where visitors can leave mementos or write down memories of your loved one. Grief shared is grief lessened, and when friends and family members take time to think about your loved one, they can lift your spirits by reminding you of happy memories of their own.  
  • Make a memory wreath for your door. There are many tutorials online for making a memory wreath. Some incorporate photos; others use mementos and keepsakes. Use whatever feels meaningful and comforting to you. 

One important step in honoring a loved one’s memory and beginning to heal is having a meaningful memorial service. At Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory we have been supporting families in our community since 1915, helping them plan beautiful ceremonies that truly honor the lives of their loved ones. Call at (253) 948-9895 to learn more about how we can help with grief and healing.

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