• Funeral Flowers for Fall and Winter

    When someone dies, sending flowers is a lovely gesture. It’s the perfect way to honor the person who has died while also providing comfort to the family. There are many lovely arrangements from which to choose, from traditional to unusual. For a unique arrangement, you might consider seasonal plants and flowers.  

    Of course, most flowers can be found year-round because greenhouses and technology make it possible for florists to provide blooms even in the dead of winter. However, the fall and winter seasons have their own special beauty. Especially if the person you’ve lost had a special affection for the cooler months and the holiday season, a seasonal arrangement can be the perfect tribute.  

    • Fall is the harvest season, offering many options for arrangements. Beautiful, warm yellows and oranges can be found everywhere in flowers such as chrysanthemums, goldenrod, and black-eyed Susans. If you prefer a pink and purple palette, fall has that covered, too, with beautiful sweet alyssum, sedum, beautyberry and heather. For a bold pop of color, celosia makes a statement, while pansies provide a delicate option. If you’d like to send a potted plant to the family, consider a croton, with its bold foliage of red, orange, yellow and purple. Be sure to steer clear of dried flowers, berries or any other accent that seems dead or dry.  
    • Winter arrangements can reflect the purity of this cold, snowy season and provide an affectionate nod to the holidays. An all-white arrangement can be striking, especially when mixed with beautiful blooms such as dahlias, snowberries, peonies or white roses. Red can be a beautiful color to incorporate in a winter arrangement, using red roses, red tulips and red or striped amaryllis. If the person who has died was particularly fond of the holiday season, consider poinsettias as a meaningful and fitting way to honor that person’s life. 

    Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory has been supporting families in our community since 1915, helping them plan life-honoring ceremonies down to the last detail. If you need help choosing and ordering flowers or gifts, we’ve got you covered. Visit our Send Flowers page or call us at (253) 948-9895 for more information.