When the Winter Blues Make Healing Hard

Many people feel down in the winter. The shorter days, the deep darkness and the cold weather can all have a negative impact on mood. A loss can exacerbate feelings of melancholy and push some people to the brink of despair. How do you get through something as painful as losing a loved one when the winter blues make it hard to heal?

First, be patient with your own negative emotions. It’s normal to grieve a loss, and it’s not unusual to feel down during the winter. It’s important, though, to embrace your feelings without letting them overcome you. You can work through your loss and sadness, but you need to be proactive.

  • Get outside. Exposure to natural light is an extremely important part of fighting negative feelings in winter.
  • Make sure you’re getting exercise. Exercise is a mood lifter, and even a little bit of exercise can get your heart pumping and improve your physical and emotional health. Work out along with an exercise video, put on some music and dance, hit the gym or go to the mall and walk around. Even in the winter, you can find ways to keep moving.
  • Accomplish something. Find a project and make it your goal to get it done before spring. Staying busy is a great way to lift yourself out of sadness.
  • Watch what you eat. It’s tempting to curl up with your favorite guilty pleasure and eat your troubles away, but that’s really not effective. It’s better to eat healthy foods that help your body run more effectively, including mood boosters such as berries, avocados, tomatoes and nuts.
  • Do something to honor your loved one’s memory. Create something meaningful such as scrapbook or a journal full of memories. Remembering your loved one and reliving fond memories is one way to work through grief and hasten healing.
  • Talk to a friend. If you have someone to talk to, make the most of that. Talking is a good way to get through your grief, and your friend may be able to help you find your feet and adjust to your new reality.
  • Consider a support group. If you don’t have someone to talk to, or you feel your friends and family are growing impatient with your grief, think about joining a support group. Often tailored to specific types of grief, support groups are a good resource, providing a safe space to express negative emotions around people who understand and can offer advice.

Mountain View is more than just a funeral home. Committed to promoting healing in our community, we have a grief support program with resources to help you cope with loss and sadness. Visit our website for more information, or call us at (253) 205-8672 to learn more.

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