How a Support Group Can Help Someone Overcome a Loss

Losing a loved one is always difficult, and it can be very tempting to shut yourself off as you grieve. The idea of hiding in your house, cocooned from the outside world, may seem appealing. However, it’s actually much better to connect with other people.

Everyone experiences grief differently, but sharing that pain can lessen the burden. Suffering in silence is not the best solution.

You may have a loving and supportive family or a strong network of friends and community ties. If you already have someone you can talk to about your loss, that’s wonderful. However, if you aren’t comfortable talking to someone you know well, or you feel your family and friends are growing impatient with your grief, you might want to consider a support group. This can be an important part of the healing process because you are surrounded by people who understand what you’re experiencing.

There are different support groups for different kinds of loss. For example:

  • Widows and widowers: Being with people who are experiencing the same thing can help you navigate your new reality.
  • Loss due to suicide: Talking about suicide can make people uncomfortable, and often someone who has experienced this kind of loss feels isolated or judged. Meeting others who have experienced the same kind of loss can help you find new coping strategies.
  • Loss of a child : The loss of a child is so devastating that marriages sometimes don’t survive. It’s vitally important to find a safe space to talk about your feelings so you can work through them and start to heal.

We understand that a support group isn’t for everyone. Some people can feel overwhelmed in the face of so much grief, and some can feel pulled down by others’ negative emotions. Others might feel judged or that they’re being given advice that doesn’t apply to them. If the first support group you visit doesn’t seem like a good fit, don’t give up on the idea. Grief shared is grief lessened, and if you can find a group that works for you, it can help you on your own journey of healing.

At Mountain View, we are committed to helping people heal after a loss. In addition to helping you plan a life-honoring memorial service, we offer a safe, supportive environment where you can connect with others and share your grief. Additionally, our online grief support assures that you’re never alone, but have access to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit our website, or call us at (253) 205-8672 to learn more.

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