Advice for Planning a Post-Funeral Reception

Many families choose to hold a reception following a funeral, giving family and friends of the deceased an opportunity to share memories and offer each other support. If you are planning a funeral and would like to have a reception following the funeral service , then read on for some tips on arranging this event.

Choose a Venue

To begin the post-funeral reception planning process, start by determining where you will hold the event. Some people choose to gather at a restaurant following the funeral. If you expect a lot of attendees at the reception, then you may want to reserve a rental venue that can hold everyone comfortably. On the other hand, many people choose to host the post-funeral reception at a family member’s home. If you feel comfortable with this and have enough space, then hosting the reception at home may be a good option for you.

Arrange for Refreshments

It is customary to provide food and drink for the guests at a funeral reception. If you are hosting a large group, then you may want to use a catering service, so that the food will be prepared and ready when you need it, meaning less stress and work for you. Another option is to enlist the help of other family members and to ask each of them to prepare a dish, bring a beverage, or provide supplies like cups, napkins, utensils, and plates.

Make It Memorable

Post-funeral receptions are unique opportunities that can allow family and friends to come together for the first time in a while and celebrate the life lived. For this reason, you may want to consider including details such as playing some of – your loved one’s favorite music in the background, having cameras available for people to take pictures, or making a recording of attendees sharing their memories of the deceased.

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