A Guide to Funerals for Blended Families

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In recent years, second and third marriages have become more and more common. This trend has resulted in more blended families, and it’s common for members of these families to have questions about funeral planning and etiquette. Keep reading for advice on attending a funeral service as a member of a blended family.

When You Want Your Children to Attend
In the case of blended families, it’s not uncommon for kids to be invited to events and not the separated parent. If your children have been invited to attend a funeral, but you have not, then start by deciding together if they should attend. If you and your children agree that they should attend the funeral, then consider reaching out to a trusted family member who will be attending the funeral and ask him or her to act as their guardian.

When You Are Invited and Don’t Wish to Attend
Another common situation for members of blended families is to be invited to a funeral service that they would feel more comfortable not attending. If you have been invited to a funeral, but you don’t wish to go, there are still several ways in which you can show your respect to the grieving family. For example, you can send a flower arrangement and sympathy card or make a charitable donation.

When You Are Invited and Plan to Attend
Displaying proper funeral etiquette can be particularly challenging for blended families. Many blended families have at least some tension between some of their members, but a funeral is not the place to argue, open old wounds, or dishonor the deceased and the grieving family because of personal differences. When attending a funeral as a member of a blended family, it’s best to show your respect to the bereaved individuals by setting aside any differences that you and other family members may have.

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