Who Should You Choose as a Pallbearer?

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One of the most common aspects of planning funeral services is choosing pallbearers. These people escort or carry the casket in and out of the funeral home, funeral venue, and cemetery. Typically, six pallbearers are chosen, but some people opt to select up to eight people to perform this role.

Although men traditionally served as pallbearers, women are now included as well. Generally, a pallbearer should be someone who was a family member or close friend of the deceased, since taking part in the funeral is a way to honor these relationships. Pallbearers usually have to physically carry the casket, so try to choose people who can comfortably fulfill that role. If you want to include someone as a pallbearer who is physically unable to carry the casket, you may want to make him or her an honorary pallbearer. Honorary pallbearers walk in front of the casket.

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