Spotlight on Private Mausoleums

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Mausoleums are options for people who prefer above-ground entombment. They can be used to house caskets or urns after cremation. Typically, mausoleums are open to multiple families who each have their own place within the structure, but some families prefer the option of having a private mausoleum.

A private mausoleum is a place that is reserved for family members and other loved ones who wish to be entombed together. If your family makes this decision, the funeral home and cemetery will work with you to design a mausoleum that fits with your vision, from the types of materials used to the size of the structure.

Let Mountain View Funeral Home walk you through all of your options for funeral pre-planning, including your cemetery burial and above-ground entombment choices . We can help you make the selection that is right for your family and your budget. Get started on the process of funeral planning in Lakewood, Washington today by calling us at (253) 584-0252.

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