Writing Your Own Obituary

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Funeral pre-planning is usually a solemn affair. It requires individuals to envision the events that would follow their own death and how their loved ones will manage after they are gone. Many funeral pre-planners choose to leave letters to their loved ones to comfort them after the death occurs, but there is a second option for getting in the last word, so to speak. Writing your own obituary not only relieves your loved ones of this task; it also affords you one last opportunity to make your mark on the world.

Choose an Approach
A self-written obituary may be written in first- or third-person. In other words, you could either write, “I was born in 1949” or you could write, “She/he was born in 1949.” If you’re not sure which is right for you, write a paragraph or two in each of these voices and then determine which feels more genuine. Next, consider whether you wish to write a solemn, formal obituary or to break the mold by using a humorous approach. There is no single “right” way to write your own obituary; do what feels appropriate for you. Bear in mind that you can set your obituary aside for a while and then revisit it to determine if it could benefit from a revision.

Include Essential Facts
It’s customary to include the essential facts about a person’s life in an obituary. Use the following factual information to guide your writing:

  • Your full name (including maiden, middle, and nickname)
  • Your date of birth (and space for your date of death)
  • Your loved one’s names
  • Your affiliation with professional, fraternal, or civic organizations
  • Your education and occupation
  • Your major life events and accomplishments
  • Your special interests and hobbies

Write Personal Reflections
Writing your own obituary is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to share your personal reflections with those who survive you. You could use this opportunity to remind your family and friends of your love, let them know how you lived your life, and offer words of wisdom for moving forward after loss.

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