Planning a Musical Tribute

Funeral Home Tacoma

Your deceased loved one lived life with a style and grace that was uniquely his or hers. At Mountain View Funeral Home, we believe in the power of funeral ceremonies to bring mourners together, to preserve the memories of lost loved ones, and to include ceremonial elements that are uniquely designed to reflect the life of the individual. We invite families to explore the Signature Services available at our funeral home, which include musical tributes.

Consider requesting the services of a talented harp or bagpipe player during your loved one’s funeral service. Music has the power to transcend words. It can soothe the soul and inspire loving reflections of the life that was lost.

Contact a funeral director at (253) 584-0252 to inquire about arranging a musical tribute at a funeral service in Lakewood, Washington. Mountain View Funeral Home is also pleased to offer supportive grief counseling for members of our community.

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