• Practical Advice for Scattering Ashes

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    Choosing cremation after the loss of a loved one can offer unique benefits, one of which is the option to scatter his or her remains at a location that was special to the deceased. However, you may be unsure about what the process of scattering ashes, or cremains, will entail. In addition to asking your funeral director about cremation services, consider the following information to learn more about scattering ashes.

    Keep the Ashes Secure
    When you initially receive the cremains, they may be in a nondescript container. You can move them to a more formal urn, but be sure that it has a secure lid. Since you will be traveling to scatter the cremains, it is recommended that you keep them in a plastic bag inside of the urn. Another option is a scattering tube, which will keep the cremated remains secure, and will be helpful if you want to scatter the ashes in more than one location.

    Check Local Laws
    The laws governing where cremated remains can be scattered vary by location, so it is important that you research local regulations. These laws may prohibit the scattering of ashes on certain public lands or waterways.

    Scatter in a Suitable Location
    In addition to checking the legality of scattering cremains in a specific location, you should also consider whether it will be a practical place to do so. You and your loved ones may want privacy during this process, so a secluded location may be best. If a location is typically windy, such as along a coast or cliff, it may not be ideal for scattering cremains.

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  • Caring for a Jewish Decedent

    According to Jewish customs, the treatment of the body of a deceased individual should consist of certain precautions and rituals. Respect for the body begins immediately after death—for instance, prior to burial services, the body should not be left alone. This video provides additional information about Jewish customs.

    Community members will often volunteer to stay with the body of the deceased. Another custom involves a traditional purification of the body. Before burial, the body is dressed appropriately for the afterlife.

    If you need to arrange a funeral according to Jewish customs or the traditions of a different religion, Mountain View Funeral Home can help. To learn about funeral pre-planning or our other funeral services serving Lakewood, Washington, call us at (253) 584-0252.

  • A Pre-Need Planner’s Guide to Green Burials

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    For many people, environmental conservation is a way of life—and with modern funeral planning services, you can continue your dedication to the environment after you have passed away. Green burials help to minimize environmental impact while still providing the family of the deceased with the chance to plan a funeral or memorial service. If you are interested in a green burial for your own end-of-life needs, pre-planning can help you make the arrangements. Continue reading to learn more about green burials.

    The Advantages of Green Burials
    There are a range of environmental benefits to green burials. For instance, by choosing specific materials for the coffin and grave marker, you can reduce the carbon emissions typically associated with burial. Green burials can also be designed to conserve natural resources and preserve natural spaces. This is achieved through the use of non-toxic, biodegradable materials during the burial process.

    The Basics of Planning a Green Burial
    If you are interested in planning a green burial for yourself, the first step is to meet with a funeral home that offers funeral pre-planning services. The funeral director will be able to answer any questions you may have about the burial process and environmental conservation. You will be able to choose the different green elements that you want for your funeral and burial. In addition to ensuring that your end-of-life arrangements will have minimal environmental impact, pre-planning your green burial can also make the burden of funeral planning easier on your loved ones. You may also be able to pre-pay for your green burial.

    If you are interested in pre-need funeral planning, contact Mountain View Funeral Home in Lakewood, Washington, by calling (253) 584-0252. Our funeral home offers a range of funeral planning services, including green burials, cremation memorials, and tribute videos. We can also offer grief support services if you have recently lost a loved one.