Answering Common Questions About Funeral Planning

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Most people know very little about funeral planning until they are faced with the prospect of planning a service for a loved one. Funeral homes understand that the people who come to them need guidance throughout the decision-making process, and they are always available to answer your questions. Here are the answers to some of the common queries people have during the process of planning funeral services.

What kind of service should I plan?
You should plan any kind of funeral service that you feel is right to honor your loved one. Some people prefer very traditional funerals, while others believe a less formal service is more in keeping with what a loved one would have wanted. If your loved one pre-planned his or her funeral, you should follow the guidelines he or she laid out. Otherwise, your funeral home will help you build a personalized service that is right for your family.

How do I invite people to the service?
Funeral invitations are usually word-of-mouth. Families typically include information about the funeral in an obituary, and then they spread the word to other people. In some cases, people who are aware of the death may contact the funeral home directly to find out information about the funeral plan. If you are close friend of the family, helping them let people know about the funeral is one way you can offer your support.

Should I choose burial or cremation?
This is another decision that may be addressed in a funeral pre-plan, or you may have had conversations with the deceased during which he or she let you know his or her wishes. If you are not sure what your loved one would have wanted, your funeral home can help you weigh up the choices. There are pros and cons to both burial and cremation, so there is not one decision that is right for every family.

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