How to Write a Sympathy Card

Funeral Home Lakewood Writing a sincere and heartfelt sympathy card might seem like an easy task until you sit down to do it. Whether you are writing a card for an acquaintance, a friend, or a family member, it can be extremely difficult to know what to say. Finding the right words, however, can provide a grieving person with much-needed solace. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind as you prepare to write your sympathy card:

Keep it short. As a rule, it’s best to keep your expressions of sympathy concise. If you have any positive memories of the deceased person that you can share, feel free to include them. No matter whom your card is addressed to, a short and sincere message will be appreciated.

Write from the heart. Remember that your card is intended to provide comfort. Even if you did not know the deceased person very well, you can still communicate your sympathy for the person you are writing to in a way that will make them feel cared for and supported.

Keep it positive. A grieving individual does not need to be reminded of the sadness of their loss, so it’s best to avoid phrases like “What a terrible tragedy.” Rather, focus on celebrating the life of the deceased person, or tell the person you are writing to that your thoughts are with them and their family.

Close respectfully. When signing your name, you should use a warm and genuine closing such as “With heartfelt sympathy” or “Thinking of you.” You don’t need to be elaborate or wordy; sometimes, the simplest phrases say more than flowery language.

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