Understanding Perpetual Care

Funeral Home Tacoma

Though you may lose loved ones throughout your life, you can never lose the memory of them. Their laugh, their smile, and the warmth of their love will endure in your memory for the rest of your life. A more tangible reminder of your loved one can be found at their final resting place, which can be cared for by a funeral home via perpetual care, or endowment care.

Perpetual care refers to the funds that go toward maintaining the grounds of a memorial park, which in turn allows gravesites and memorials to remain clean for decades to come. Perpetual care funds also go toward maintaining buildings and roads on the funeral home property, giving your loved one’s final resting place the pristine gravitas you would expect. Thanks to perpetual care, you will never be disappointed by an unkempt gravesite when you come to visit your loved one.

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