• Understanding Perpetual Care

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    Though you may lose loved ones throughout your life, you can never lose the memory of them. Their laugh, their smile, and the warmth of their love will endure in your memory for the rest of your life. A more tangible reminder of your loved one can be found at their final resting place, which can be cared for by a funeral home via perpetual care, or endowment care.

    Perpetual care refers to the funds that go toward maintaining the grounds of a memorial park, which in turn allows gravesites and memorials to remain clean for decades to come. Perpetual care funds also go toward maintaining buildings and roads on the funeral home property, giving your loved one’s final resting place the pristine gravitas you would expect. Thanks to perpetual care, you will never be disappointed by an unkempt gravesite when you come to visit your loved one.

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  • Examining the Benefits of a Public Viewing Before Cremation

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    Feelings of sadness and anxiety can be overwhelming in the days after losing a loved one. It’s especially difficult if the deceased leaves no instructions regarding his or her remains and burial, forcing you to guess what he or she would have wanted. If you’re unsure of whether to go with a traditional burial or a cremation, you might consider incorporating elements of each by organizing a public viewing before the cremation. Here are a few of the benefits of having a public viewing at a Lakewood, Washington funeral home before cremation.

    Gather Loved Ones
    It’s comforting to have friends and family around while you’re mourning a loved one. A public viewing is a somber but appropriate excuse for loved ones to gather, allowing them to mourn with you and comfort you in your time of need. In the days before and after the public viewing, you and your loved ones can tell your favorite stories and together figure out how to say goodbye.

    Obtain Closure
    The mourning process is different for everyone. Some people—and this may include you—need a public viewing in order to accept the passing of a loved one. Putting together a public viewing will provide yourself and your loved ones with a tangible event at which you can say goodbye to your loved one and obtain some measure of closure, which is crucial to the grieving process.

    Uphold Tradition
    There are numerous beliefs and traditions surrounding death and burial. For instance, many people believe that a public viewing is a crucial part of mourning. If upholding tradition is important to you and your family, then you may be comforted by a public viewing before the cremation.

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  • Questions for Spouses to Ask Each Other About Funeral Planning

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    It’s extremely difficult to think about a loved one’s passing. However, it’s important to recognize that death is a part of life. As painful as conversations about funeral planning may be, they will make life much easier for the surviving spouse. As you and your spouse begin the funeral planning process , consider asking each other the following questions.

    How do you imagine your funeral?
    When planning something as complicated as a funeral, you and your spouse are best off answering broad questions to start. For instance, you might ask, “Where would you like to hold your funeral?” and “Would you prefer a religious service or a secular one?” Once you and your spouse feel comfortable with the more general questions, you can start thinking about details.

    Which details are most important to you?
    As you and your spouse ponder your respective funerals, specific details will likely come into your minds at random times. For instance, you might discover that you and your spouse feel strongly about particular songs, poems, or lines from scripture. You may even have particular flowers in mind, or a specific eulogist you would prefer. The more details you can come up with, the easier it will be for your spouse to organize your funeral in accordance with your wishes.

    How would you like your remains to be honored?
    Finally, you and your spouse will need to determine how you want your remains to be laid to rest. After you decide whether you wish for your remains to be buried in a casket or cremated, determine whether you want a burial plot, mausoleum space, or a personalized memorial. If you prefer to be cremated, start thinking about where you wish to have your remains buried, scattered, or kept.

    After you and your spouse answer the above questions, you can call Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park, and Crematory at (253) 584-0252 to formally begin the funeral planning process. Pre-planning a funeral in Lakewood, Washington will help reduce the amount of grief and stress placed on your spouse in the days after your passing.

  • A Look at What it Means to Sit Shiva

    Considering how death is such an integral part of life, it should come as no surprise that all human cultures have developed traditions around burial and mourning. In the Jewish tradition, for example, it’s traditional for family members to sit shiva, during which time they pray for and contemplate their deceased loved one for seven days.

    This video discusses the basics of shiva, which comes from the Hebrew word for “seven.” Immediately after the funeral, family members of the deceased begin the formal mourning period while members of the community come by with food and prayers. Watch the video to learn more of the traditions involved in sitting shiva.

    When you lose a loved one, you want to make sure that their final wishes are honored to the best of your ability. Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park, and Crematory is standing to lend a hand. Call our Lakewood, Washington funeral home at (253) 584-0252 if you have any questions.