What to Do When Loved Ones Disagree About Funeral Traditions

Funeral planning is a complicated process that unfortunately happens under the worst of circumstances, when emotions are raw. It is not surprising, therefore, that differences of opinions between loved ones can lead to conflict. Although funeral pre-planning can help prevent some of these disputes, when the deceased did not leave any instructions, disagreements can and do arise. Prevent conflicts about funeral traditions from adding stress to this difficult time with this advice.

Find a Peaceful Place to Talk

If you anticipate conflict between your family members during funeral planning, try to preempt any disputes in the funeral home by arranging to have a private conversation in a neutral place. Acknowledge that there may be differences of opinion and that any conflicted feelings you have may exacerbated by the circumstances. Make an agreement to keep the lines of communication open and to work together for compromise in honor of the loved one you both lost. Although this conversation may not prevent disputes, it can give you a framework for working through them by agreeing to work as a team.

Recognize Who Should Make Decisions

In some cases, you may have little control over parts of the funeral planning, depending on your familial relationship with the person who passed. Spouses, children, parents, and siblings, in that order, have next of kin rights. If you had an especially close relationship with the deceased, it can be frustrating to see people who were less close making decisions. Realize that there are some circumstances in the funeral process you can’t control instead of fighting needlessly.

Remember The Purpose

Funeral services are for paying tribute to loved ones and coming together with surviving family and friends to comfort each other. Focus on honoring what your lost loved one would have wanted, regardless of surviving family members’ perspectives on traditions, religious customs, and other elements of funeral planning.

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