• Preventing Family Conflicts from Affecting a Funeral Service

    The death of a loved one can bring out the best or the worst in families. When dealing with family conflicts, the most important thing to remember is that spiteful words and disagreeable actions are often the result of grief itself. No two experiences with grief are alike. Anticipatory grief and grief after a death can cause one person to wholeheartedly embrace others, while another person may be affected by lashing out. Of course, there is no place for conflict at the funeral service and burial. It is a time to honor the lost loved one and say a final goodbye. If you anticipate that family conflicts may interfere with a peaceful service, consider talking to the director at the funeral home about these issues.

    Facilitating Communication

    Like other conflicts, family disputes often arise from poor or absent communication. If a loved one is terminally ill or has passed on, it is likely that there are one or two family members who are caregiving or making arrangements. It’s important that these individuals recognize that other family members need to know what’s going on; these people may feel slighted otherwise. Even if you aren’t on particularly good terms with your out-of-town sister, for example, include her e-mail on a group notification about the latest updates.

    Embracing Flexibility

    Some family conflicts arise when family members disagree about the funeral services. This is avoidable with pre-need planning, but in the event that it does arise, compromise is often necessary. Request that the other person sit down with you to have a frank discussion about the arrangements. Set some ground rules to keep the peace. Each person can say his or her piece for five minutes without interruption. It’s virtually impossible to resolve a dispute without having a true understanding of the other person’s perspective. A family meeting can accomplish this, but if the meeting disintegrates, it may be wise to consider family mediation next.

    To prevent possible difficulties in the future, Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park, and Crematory offers comprehensive resources and support services for funeral pre-planning for residents of the Lakewood, Washington area. We also encourage those who are bereaved to access our grief counseling services, which are available everyone at no cost, whether or not your family was a client of our funeral home. Please call (253) 584-0252 to request additional information.

  • What to Expect When a Loved One Approaches the End of Life

    Long before it’s time to make the final trip to the funeral home, your dying loved one will go through a series of changes that can help him or her reach a sense of peace and reconciliation with dying. These changes can be alarming or even frightening for family members. Try to perceive them as natural changes that allow your loved one and the entire family to speak openly with each other and to work toward healing.

    Watch this video to hear from a medical director of a palliative care program. She explains that as a person comes closer to death, his or her world gradually shrinks. Eventually, that world will include only close family members. After this, the person turns increasingly inward and becomes less responsive toward loved ones.

    When it’s time for your family to seek grief counseling and arrange funeral services, Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park, and Crematory is here to lend a helpful hand and a sympathetic ear. Call our funeral home in Lakewood, Washington at (253) 584-0252.

  • Building a Funeral Pre-Plan That Involves Cremation

    When you pre-plan your own arrangements, you can ensure that your wishes will be carried out and that the surviving loved ones won’t be faced with difficult decisions. Like funeral services with burial to follow, cremation services can be as simple or complex as you wish. Cremation offers considerable flexibility. You could choose to arrange a funeral service prior to the cremation or you might prefer that your loved ones hold a simple memorial service afterward. You can also specify the final destination of your cremains, if you wish.

    Funeral Service

    Consider whether you wish your loved ones to hold a visitation and funeral service prior to the cremation. If so, consider whether you have a preference regarding where your funeral services will take place. It’s customary to hold the service in a place of worship, but this is not necessary. If you are not an adherent of a religion, it’s particularly important to specify your wishes regarding the funeral service officiant, and the passages to be read and music to be played. Otherwise, the surviving loved ones may disagree about what your preferences would have been.

    Memorial Service

    Many people who make pre-need arrangements for a cremation decide that they would prefer a memorial service after the cremation. This memorial service may be an informal event held at the family home, a formal event held at the funeral home, or a religious event held in a place of worship.


    Once you’ve finalized the details of the funeral or memorial service, it’s time to consider what you would like your loved ones to do with the cremains. You could choose to have the cremains interred in an indoor or outdoor columbarium at a memorial park. Alternatively, you could choose to have the cremains buried.

    Cremains Preservation

    If you would prefer that your cremains not be buried or interred, you do have other options. You could entrust them to the safekeeping of a loved one, have them scattered, or even have them incorporated into an artificial reef or cremation jewelry.

    View your funeral pre-planning guide online today at the website of Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park, and Crematory . Or, call our funeral home in Lakewood, Washington at (253) 584-0252 to discuss your pre-need arrangements with one of our funeral directors. For years, our memorial park has served the end-of-life needs of our community with compassionate and respectful care.

  • Planning a Post-Funeral Reception

    It is common to have a reception and meal after a funeral, to allow family members and friends to come together and support each other during a difficult time. However, planning the funeral reception and finding a place to host it can add another burden to families already coping with funeral planning and grief. At Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park, and Crematory, we are pleased to offer reception facilities on our funeral home property and to assist families with this part of the funeral planning process.

    We have multiple reception spaces on our property that families can use to accommodate their own needs and their guests before, during, and after funeral services. Discuss your budget with us, and we will help you find the right space and catering options to meet your needs without going outside of your price range.

    When your family is in need, let Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park, and Crematory provide much-needed assistance with funeral and reception planning , decisions about cremation and burial, and grief counseling. Contact our funeral home in Lakewood, Washington at (253) 584-0252.