Family Traditions and Funeral Planning

One of the most important parts of funeral planning is honoring the traditions that are important to you and your family. Whether your traditions are religious or cultural in nature, talking with your family about your priorities and finding a funeral home that is accustomed to working with people with a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds is essential. Ensure that your final wishes are honored and give your family the comfort of knowing that they are giving you the funeral you would have wanted by pre-planning a service that honors the traditions that are important to you. Here are some tips for starting the process.

Talk to Your Family

Your family will appreciate the opportunity to understand your preferences for your funeral services and to share their own wishes in an open dialogue. Encourage your loved ones to share the funeral traditions that are important to them with you. These traditions can be especially important to families who have immigrated to the United States and still want to embrace their cultural practices surrounding funerals. When you understand your family’s priorities, you can incorporate them into your funeral pre-planning process.

Identify Your Own Wishes

Chances are that you haven’t given extensive thought to what your own funeral services will be like. Take the time to consider the traditions that are important to you as well as any traditions that you want to exclude. If your wishes conflict with your family’s ideas, consider how you want to balance theses traditions, and discuss your decisions with your family so that they are confident they understand how you wish to be honored.

Educate Yourself About Your Options

There are several options to consider when you pre-plan a funeral, from burial versus cremation to the location of the service and the prayers, readings, or music you wish to include. With the help of a funeral home, explore all options in detail before deciding what to incorporate into your plan.

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