Religious Funeral and Mourning Rituals

Rituals and traditions can help to provide comfort, support, and structure to those who are mourning the loss of a loved one. These rituals are often an important part of the funeral planning process , but may also play a role long before or after the funeral or burial services are complete. Keep reading to take a closer look at some of the religious funeral and mourning rituals used throughout the world today.

Buddhist Rituals

According to Buddhist beliefs, while the death of the body is inevitable, it is simply a single step in the cycle of reincarnation on the path to enlightenment. Buddhist funeral services typically include cremation of the deceased, followed by a 49-day period of prayers meant to help the spirit of the deceased transform and discover the nature of death in preparation for rebirth.

Hindu Rituals

Hinduism also focuses on death as part of a continuing cycle of rebirth. Hindus observe a ritual cremation ceremony, followed by a mourning period during which mourners do not attend religious ceremonies and keep religious photographs or artifacts in the home covered.

Catholic Rituals

The Catholic religion views death as the passage from a limited physical life into an unending spiritual afterlife. Catholic funeral traditions include the holding of a funeral mass, called the Mass of the Resurrection; funeral services may also include a wake or a non-religious memorial ceremony, during which the deceased is honored and eulogized. According to religious tradition, Catholics should be buried in a Catholic cemetery; when cremation is preferred, the cremains should be interred.

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