Funeral Pre-Planning in 4 Steps

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Pre-planning a funeral allows you to save your family from the added emotional and financial burden of funeral planning after you die. You can also ensure that you get the funeral services, burial services, or cremation services that you prefer. Here is a look at funeral pre-planning in four simple steps.

Step One: Determine Which Funeral Services You Prefer
In pre-planning your funeral, you can choose between a burial service and cremation. Many people opt for cremation services over burial, as they’re less expensive and more environmentally friendly. You’ll also need to decide whether you want a visitation or memorial service, and you’ll need to pick out a cemetery, burial plot, and headstone.

Step Two: Discuss Your Funeral Service Preferences with Family
While you don’t need to solicit your family’s input on every element of your funeral pre-planning, you should make them aware that you are planning ahead. You can explain the reasoning behind your decision, and how it will directly benefit and impact them.

Step Three: Find a Suitable Funeral Home
Next, you’ll need to find a funeral home that can assist you in pre-planning your funeral. The funeral home should offer the funeral services, burial services, or cremation services that you require. The funeral home should also be able to accommodate specific religious or cultural elements of your funeral service, and should have a relationship with an appropriate cemetery or crematorium if necessary.

Step Four: Discuss Financial Arrangements
Finally, you will need to discuss financial arrangements with the director at your funeral home. Some funeral homes allow you to set up a payment arrangement for your funeral services, but this may not extend to the fees and costs associated with burial services, the cemetery, or the crematorium.

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