Avoiding Family Conflicts During Funeral Planning

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Things can often become tense and emotional when you begin funeral planning with family members. What is already a time of grief and confusion can become even more difficult when making decisions about funeral and burial services, cemeteries, burial plots, headstones, and tribute videos. Here is some advice for avoiding family conflict when planning a funeral service for a loved one.

Turn to the Funeral Director for Advice
The director of your funeral home has years of experience planning funeral services, cremation services, and memorial services. He is a wealth of knowledge, and can help you make important decisions during funeral planning. If conflicts arise among family members, he can act as an unofficial mediator, making it easier for family members to evaluate facts and come to a decision. He can also help you weigh the pros and cons of each element of the funeral service.

Consider Religious and Cultural Beliefs
If your family is having trouble making decisions, it may help to consider the deceased’s specific religious, cultural, or personal beliefs. For instance, if you aren’t sure whether to choose burial or cremation, you can determine if your loved one’s religion or culture discourages cremation. You might also be aware of personal beliefs that your loved one expressed before he passed away, which can be carefully integrated into the funeral planning.

Seek Grief Support Services
Grief support services can prove invaluable in preventing conflicts or helping families resolve conflicts. An experienced grief counselor can help your family navigate the emotional and confusing elements of funeral planning. He may also make it easier for you to come to agreements regarding funeral services so that everyone feels satisfied.

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