A Guide to the Etiquette of Post-Funeral Gatherings

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If you have recently suffered from a bereavement and are currently planning a funeral near Tacoma , you may be wondering what kind of post-funeral gathering to organize. Post-funeral gatherings provide funeral guests with a chance to remember the deceased and to find comfort by talking to each other in an informal setting. Many people feel more at ease in the more relaxed environment of a post-funeral gathering than at the funeral ceremony itself.

What to Provide as a Host
Post-funeral gatherings are often held at the homes of friends or relatives of the deceased. However, some people prefer to host them at a social hall, religious meeting place, or restaurant. It is customary to provide food and drink for the mourners. If you wish to serve alcohol, encourage people to indulge with moderation and to avoid rowdiness.

How to Behave as a Guest
Dress modestly and check the dress code with your hosts. Check with the hosts of the event before bringing food or beverages. If you wish to bring alcohol, make sure that it is permitted. Some religions prohibit the consumption of alcohol at funerals. If alcohol is served, avoid becoming excessively inebriated, indulging in raucous laughter, or behaving in ways which others might find disrespectful. If you wish to bring your children, make sure that they understand the need to be well behaved. The event may not have a fixed ending time. If you are one of the last people to leave, offer to help tidy and clean up. Most hosts will appreciate the assistance.

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