• Helping Your Child Prepare for Attending a Funeral

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    A funeral can be a very useful rite for a child to attend. It may help him or her to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. It can also provide an opportunity for the child to learn about the reality of death, to find closure, or to say his or her farewells. If you have been invited to a funeral service near Tacoma and your child has expressed a desire to accompany you, it is perfectly appropriate to allow him or her to do so. However, if your child shows little interest in the funeral, it may be more fitting to allow him or her to stay at home.

    Telling Your Child What to Expect
    Before the service, talk to your child about the ceremony. Explain the order of events and what he or she should expect to experience. Let the child know that people may be upset and may be crying at the funeral and that this is appropriate. Consider hiring a babysitter to help you with your children during the ceremony, particularly if you fear becoming overwhelmed by your own grief. Many funeral homes provide a separate room, in which you can leave the children with a babysitter, if necessary.

    Talking to Your Child About Death
    A funeral can be a frightening and confusing experience for a young child, if they do not yet understand the concept of death. Talk to your child and find out what ideas he or she may have about death. These may be based on fairy tales, fantasies, or misunderstood stories. Try to explain the concept to him or her, with care, using age-appropriate language and concepts.

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  • What Should You Do if You Can’t Attend a Funeral?

    If you have been invited to a funeral ceremony near Tacoma and are unable to attend, there are several things you can do to express your condolences. Watch this video to find out more about the ways in which you can demonstrate your sympathy with the bereaved, even if you cannot be at the memorial service in person.

    The video recommends sending the family or friends of the deceased a condolence card and a floral tribute. You should bear in mind that flowers are not a traditional part of Jewish funerals. The video also recommends making a donation to the deceased’s favorite charity in their name. The presenter goes on to suggest sending food. Many people find it difficult to summon up the energy to cook when they have just suffered a bereavement. Finally, the video advises being there to support the family once the funeral is over.

  • Advice for Discussing Funeral Planning with Your Parents

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    Funeral planning serving Tacoma may seem overwhelming. However, more and more people are funeral pre-planning to save their families time, energy, and money during a difficult time. If you select the right funeral home, planning your own or your parents’ funeral services ahead of time can help ensure that last wishes are respected. Read on to find out how breaking the ice, preparing with research, and controlling the conversation will make funeral planning with your parents go as smoothly as possible.

    Break the Ice
    Funeral planning is a difficult conversation to have with your parents, and just getting started is a significant part of the battle . It is completely normal to feel emotional. Funeral pre-planning involves making important decisions. Rather than jumping into a conversation about cemeteries or a crematorium, start gently by discussing their happiest times and proudest life accomplishments.

    Prepare Your Research
    Picking a funeral home is a major life decision and should not be taken lightly. When you discuss funeral pre-planning with your parents, come equipped with plenty of research so they can make an informed decision with you. You should have an idea of their options for a funeral service. For example, for Jewish or Catholic funerals, bring information on a memorial park and burial plots. Make sure to listen to their wishes and try to incorporate their desires into the funeral planning process.

    Control the Conversation
    When discussing a parent’s funeral service, it is important to acknowledge their feelings while still maintaining control of the conversation. Try to maintain a calm and even tone while discussing your parents’ options for burial services and cremation services. If your parents become emotional, you can advise them to contact the funeral home directly for more information.

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