Simple Steps to Take to Pre-Plan Your Funeral

If you are like most people who are in perfect health, the idea of funeral pre-planning in Tacoma may seem strange. But more and more people have been electing to plan their own funeral services before they pass in order to save their loved ones time, stress, and money during an already emotionally challenging time. Read on for tips on how to plan ahead for your own funeral services, including selecting a funeral home and choosing a cemetery or crematorium.

Select a Funeral Home
When you are planning a funeral, you should be able to work with caring and compassionate individuals who ensure that your every wish is satisfied. For example, a funeral come can help you jot down information that you would like to have included in your obituary. Your funeral home can also walk you through different options for memorial services and tribute videos and can even offer grief counseling for your surviving loved ones.

Pick a Cemetery
If you are opting for a traditional burial, plan ahead for what kind of burial you prefer . For example, you should pick your casket type and determine whether you prefer to be buried at a gravesite or in a vault. You should also take this time to pre-select pallbearers, music, flowers, scripture or any other readings.

Choose a Crematorium
Whether you are an environmentalist who prefers the green benefits of cremation or simply would rather continue to be near your family after death, more and more Americans are opting to be cremated every year. When you select cremation as an aspect of funeral pre-planning, your first step should be to select a crematorium where you feel comfortable. Remember, cremation still allows for the possibility of funeral services in a church or a less traditional memorial service.

For all your funeral planning needs, look no further than Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory . Our funeral home can help you arrange a funeral, from selecting a cemetery to planning a cremation ceremony. Call our Tacoma office today at (253) 584-0252 to learn more about funeral pre-planning services.

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