• Facing Financial Issues After a Family Member Passes Away

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    In the aftermath of a beloved family member’s death, funeral planning near Tacoma can feel understandably overwhelming. Determining what to do with his or her finances after you have finished planning funeral services can seem like an additional burden. Keep reading for a simple checklist.

    Obtain Death Certificates
    After your loved one or spouse has died, your first endeavors should involve funeral planning and seeking grief counseling services for your entire family. But do not delay in organizing your loved one’s financial affairs. If you are an executor or spouse, your first order of business should be to obtain 10-20 copies of the death certificate. You will need to provide these to creditors, financial institutions, and government agencies.

    Secure Letters of Administration
    Before you reach out to people and companies with whom your loved one did business while alive, you must first prove that you have a legal right to wrap up your loved one’s affairs. After selecting a burial plot at the cemetery or planning a cremation ceremony, make sure to obtain letters of administration. If your loved one named you as an executor, you can obtain these letters from the local courthouse or city hall where your family member last lived before passing.

    Seek Legal Advice
    After the passing of a loved one, it is important to seek advice from an experienced attorney. While many people initially hesitate to hire a lawyer due to the expense, consulting an attorney right away can save an estate thousands of dollars later on. If you or a family member has been appointed executor of an estate, you can be exposed to litigation if you do not follow the terms of a will exactly.

    Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory has years of experience caring for families near Tacoma after the death of a loved one. We offer a wide range of funeral services and funeral planning services for all budgets. Find out more about planning a funeral or take advantage of our grief counseling services by calling us at (253) 584-0252.

  • Finding Grief Support After a Funeral

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    Funeral planning near Tacoma can be an emotional but cathartic process. Still, it is important to take advantage of grief support outlets even after funeral services have ended.

    Following the death of a loved one, it is essential to make use of grief support services for the whole family. Grief counseling services are often offered by funeral homes online as part of a funeral services package. Grief counselors may also work with the bereaved to connect them to other people who are mourning. By meeting with similarly situated individuals in the community, many people find a new network of support. Sharing your sorrows and discussing happy times with new friends is often available to mourners at no cost.

    After funeral services have ended, take advantage of the grief counseling services offered by Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory. Our Tacoma funeral home offers funeral planning suited to every budget so you can properly honor your deceased loved one. Whether you are interested in funeral planning for a beloved family member or want to inquire about funeral pre-planning for yourself, call us at (253) 584-0252.

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  • Planning a Memorial Service

    Well-planned funeral services at a funeral home serving Tacoma both honor the deceased and comfort those who are grieving and left behind. Funeral pre-planning can even further alleviate the stress of surviving loved ones.

    When planning funeral services, be sure to give careful thought to what kind of memorial services are most appropriate for your personality. Next, make a guest list and select a funeral home. Choose an appropriate venue and decide on whether you prefer burial or cremation services. Finally, select the readings, refreshments, and flowers for a memorial.

    For more information on planning funeral services, including funeral pre-planning, visit the Tacoma location of Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory. Take a stroll through our Memorial Park or visit our on-site cemetery to learn more about our offered burial services and cremation services . Call us at (253) 584-0252.

  • What You Need to Know About Choosing a Burial Plot

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    There’s a lot to think about when planning a funeral, including where your loved one’s final resting place will be. After you select a cemetery, you will need to select a burial plot for your loved one. When choosing a burial plot, ask the funeral home director about the projected growth of the cemetery so you understand how your loved one’s final resting place will look in years to come. You also need to consider additional accompaniments such as a marker or headstone. The important thing to remember during the entire process is that you are not alone, as professional and compassionate funeral planners are always available to answer questions and help you make the best decision for your loved one and your family.

    Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park and Crematory in Tacoma can help you select the perfect burial plot for your loved one. In addition to our traditional burial plots, we offer private estates and mausoleums for families in search of more exclusive burial option. We also offer special cremation burial options including cremation boulders, bench estates, and a columbarium. Visit our website to learn more about our cemetery services, or call us at (253) 584-0252 to speak with one of our compassionate and dedicated funeral planners. We look forward to accommodating your family’s needs and easing the burden of your loss.