Which Family Members Should Help Plan a Funeral?

When planning a funeral , there is no hard or fast rule regarding which family members are required to be a part of making funeral arrangements. The task of funeral planning typically falls on those who feel able to handle the details. With that said, there are some customs associated with funeral planning that may offer guidelines for how to begin making funeral arrangements.

Spouses, Parents, and Children

Family members often have the clearest picture of what funeral arrangements the deceased would have wanted. If the deceased’s spouse is incapable of making funeral arrangements, the deceased’s children can step in. If the person who died was very young, or did not have a spouse or children, funeral planning usually falls to the parents, friends, or close relatives.

Executor to the Estate

The person planning a funeral doesn’t have to be a friend or relative of the deceased. In cases where the deceased had no close family or friends, an executor to the estate will handle funeral planning. If the deceased had a large estate, or took care of his own funeral planning ahead of time, the executor will make all funeral decisions, sparing the family the stress.

Funeral Pre-Planning

Many people choose to make their own funeral arrangements ahead of time. This eases the burden on family and friends when you pass away. A funeral home can help you plan all of the details of your funeral service, and even allows you to pay for the funeral costs ahead of time. You can ensure that your wishes are carried out after you’re gone, whether you’d prefer a funeral service, burial service, or cremation service.

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