Advice for Inviting Family and Friends to a Funeral or Memorial Service

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Planning a funeral service or memorial service can be a difficult, daunting task. Whether the service is at a funeral home , cemetery, or memorial park, funeral planning involves many details, and you may appreciate some advice from an expert. Here are some ways that you can invite family and friends to a funeral service or memorial for a loved one.

In-Person Visits
Close family and friends will appreciate the intimacy of an in-person visit to notify them of funeral arrangements . This also provides you with a valuable opportunity to give and receive grief support services to those closest to your loved one who has passed away. If you believe an in-person visit would be an intrusion, or if family members or friends live out of town, you can invite them via phone.

Personal Phone Calls
Personal phone calls are always an appropriate way to invite guests to a funeral or memorial service. Regardless of how close you believe the person was to the deceased, a phone call will be welcome. Phone calls allow you to extend a personal invitation without the intrusion of an in-person visit. This can be a benefit to those who may withdraw in their time of grief.

Emails or Other Electronic Communication
In a time of mourning, many people may feel overwhelmed, and may have a hard time processing or remembering important details. Even if you have already invited guests in person or via phone, you may consider sending a follow-up email detailing the date and time of the funeral service or memorial. This also gives you an opportunity to confirm their attendance, and find out if they need any more information.

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