• Tips for Talking with Grieving Friends

    If you’re attending the funeral service, burial service, or cremation service of a loved one, you’ll have the opportunity to talk with other grieving friends. Talking to others who knew and loved the person who passed is a valuable form of grief support.

    Watch this video for some helpful tips about what you can say when talking to grieving friends. You’ll learn some guidelines about communicating with those in mourning, and how to provide comfort during a difficult time.

    At Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park and Crematory, we offer grief support services in Tacoma for those who have lost a loved one. Our compassionate grief counselors can help you process your emotions and work through the pain. For more information about our grief support services, you can call us today at (253) 584-0252.

  • A Guide to Choosing a Cemetery

    Cemetery Tacoma

    Whether you are planning a funeral for a loved one or pre-planning a funeral for yourself, choosing the right cemetery is an important part of that process. Knowing what to look for when choosing a cemetery can help to ease the process. If you are looking for cemeteries in Tacoma , continue reading to gain valuable information about choosing a cemetery.

    Cemetery Location
    Choosing a cemetery with a location that you like is important. If your loved one did not choose a cemetery plot prior to their passing, be sure to consider what he or she would have liked when it comes to choosing the cemetery location. Many people do like to be buried close to where they lived, but some prefer to be placed in a location far away that meant something special to them. If you are choosing a cemetery for yourself, consider if staying local or being placed remotely feels better for you and your family. After finding a location, you will need to choose what kind of cemetery you would like for yourself or your loved one.

    Religious Cemeteries
    If you or your loved one is religious, you may consider a religious cemetery. These cemeteries are non-profit and are owned by a religious organization. To learn more about religious cemeteries, it is best to contact a local church, mosque, or synagogue. Keep in mind, religious cemeteries may limit your choice in location.

    City Cemeteries
    City cemeteries are non-profit and are run by the county. Depending on the size, the city cemetery may already be full . The space also may already be set-aside for those who die without the means of a burial. As with religious cemeteries, your choice in location is limited with a city cemetery.

    Public Cemeteries
    When you think of a cemetery, chances are you are thinking of a public cemetery. These cemeteries allow you a full range of options when choosing a location for yourself or a loved one. It is often easy to find a public cemetery you will enjoy in your local area by researching online or talking to a local funeral home.

    If you are looking for a cemetery, call Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park, and Crematory at (253) 584-0252. For years our caring and compassionate staff having been the Tacoma community plan funeral services. We look forward to helping you choose the right options for you.

  • How Can You Help Your Parents with Funeral Planning?

    Funeral Planning

    No one enjoys the thought of losing his or her parents. However, caring for them as they get older can be a rewarding experience. Helping your parents plan a funeral is a wonderful way to care for them. Often times, family members can be fearful of a discussion about funeral planning in Tacoma , but in reality this discussion can ease worries by assuring everyone is taken care of properly. If you are looking to help your parents pre-plan a funeral, read on to learn how you can help them.

    Start the Conversation
    Starting the conversation with your parents about planning their funeral is often the most difficult part of the process for a son or daughter. It can be scary and sensitive to bring up, but by focusing on the idea of legacy versus loss can help to move the discussion along. It is important that you bring the discussion up now, no matter their current age. Sometimes a good way to break the ice is by discussing your own funeral preferences . Simply, asking them how they would like theirs as a follow-up can ease tensions on the subject.

    Actively Guide the Discussion
    Reaching out to resources, such as your local funeral home, can help you to know how to guide the conversation with your parents. Once you know all the options available, you can better ask your parents what they wish for their own funeral service. Also, do not be afraid to ask your parents if they would be comfortable seeing a funeral director with you or on their own to learn about the options themselves. This discussion will likely happen in more than one sitting, so continue to actively guide and listen as it continues.

    If you are looking to help your parents pre-plan their funeral contact Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park, and Crematory at (253) 584-0252. Our expert staff can help you with your funeral planning needs. We have years of serving our community and caring for individuals as they go through the funeral planning process. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • How to Honor Customs During a Funeral

    When placing a loved one to rest, you want to honor his or her personal traditions and customs. If you are planning a funeral service near Tacoma and want to know how to honor customs during the ceremony, watch this video.

    Today, there are many customs and traditions that occur during funerals. Many families have religious preferences that have specific preferences that accompany a funeral service. Depending on the customs and traditions of the religion, there may be an embalming or there may not be. The material of casket may also vary depending on the religious customs. There are also other customs depending on where you are located in the country, such as visitation and funeral service times.

    To learn we can help you honor specific customs during a funeral service, call Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park, and Crematory at (253) 584-0252. We look forward to supporting you during this process.

  • What Are the Parts of a Catholic Funeral?

    Funeral Service

    If you have not already, you may soon find yourself attending or planning a Catholic funeral service near Tacoma. It will benefit you to understand the parts Catholic funeral service, read on to learn more.

    During a Catholic funeral service, there are three main stages. The Wake, or Vigil service, is the first of these stages and is a time to remember the life of the resting loved one. Often, family and friends will discuss fond moments shared with the deceased. During the funeral, liturgy is the main funeral service where the Christian community celebrates the dead. The Church will come together with the family and friends to praise and worship God. Lastly, the Rite of Committal will take place at the resting site. Here, there is a communion of the Church of heaven and the Church of Earth.

    If you are looking to plan a Catholic funeral service , call Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park, and Crematory at (253) 584-0252. For years, our staff has been helping to plan funerals of all faiths.