Answering Your Family’s Questions About Cremation

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If you’ve pre-planned your own funeral and have decided to have cremation services , or if a loved one has passed and has been cremated, your family members may have some questions for you. Young children, in particular, may be curious about what the process entails.

What Is Involved with Cremation?
If a young child asks you how a cremation is conducted, be sure to use age-appropriate language to avoid alarming him or her. Additionally, reassure the child that the decedent is no longer alive and so can no longer feel any pain. Explain that the body is placed into a casket and then into a crematorium, where it is exposed to heat. The intense heat reduces the body to its most basic components, including bone fragments.

Why Would Someone Choose Cremation?
If your family is accustomed to burial services, your loved ones may have trouble understanding why someone might choose cremation services. Explain that this is a highly personal decision and that everyone’s preferences are unique. Many people choose cremation for religious or environmental reasons. Others simply do not like the idea of lying in the ground.

Is It Possible to Have a Ceremony?
This is a common concern of family members. In fact, choosing cremation services may sometimes be a more flexible option than choosing burial services. Families may hold a visitation at the funeral home. They may choose to display the body in a casket at the visitation. Or, they may choose to hold a memorial visitation after the cremation, in which case they would display the urn instead. Funeral services at a house of worship may be held. Following this, families might choose to hold an ash scattering ceremony, or they may enter the urn at the cemetery or memorial park.

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