Talking to Your Child About Cremation

If you are planning a cremation ceremony, your children may be curious about what happens during cremation. Similar to discussing death with your child, you should you keep your explanations of cremation simple and easy for them to understand. For example, avoid using words that have frightening connotations, such as fire and burn.

If your children ask about cremation or funeral services, you can simply tell them that the body is enclosed in a casket or container and taken to a place called a crematory. Instead of mentioning fire or burning, explain that cremation is a special process where the body turns into small particles looking like fine gray or white sand. Make sure to explain to your children that the body will experience no pain during the cremation process. You can then tell your children that the remains are put in a container called an urn, which the family gets to keep. If your loved one has already been cremated, you can show your children the urn.

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