Funeral Planning: Advice for Delivering a Eulogy

Perhaps one of the most significant aspects of a funeral service is the delivery of the eulogy. However, many people are unfamiliar with the protocol associated with giving this type of speech. A funeral home near Tacoma can help you better understand what is expected of you in this role. The following tips can also provide encouragement and guidance.

Narrow Your Focus

The giving of a eulogy can initially appear to be a daunting task. However, the purpose of this speech is not to recite every momentous event that occurred during the life of the deceased. Rather, it is an opportunity to reflect and remember the character and impact of your loved one. To make your job more manageable and your eulogy more impactful, you may want to focus on only one or two important aspects of your lost loved one’s life.

Practice Your Speech

No one expects a person who is giving a eulogy to deliver a professional speech. So that you can enjoy greater peace of mind, though, you may want to practice your eulogy before the funeral services. Even saying it out loud once or twice prior to the ceremony can help you feel more comfortable delivering it once you are in front of a crowd.

Expect Emotional Responses

Funeral services can fulfill several important aims. For one, they can help friends, family members, and others commemorate the life of the person they came together to honor. Two, a funeral ceremony provides the opportunity for loved ones to express their grief over their loss. During your eulogy, there may be times when those in attendance cry. Depending on the content of your speech, they might also laugh. All of these responses offer the chance to work through difficult emotions.

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