Deciding Between Cremation and Burial

Cremation and burial within a cemetery are both respectful ways of saying your final goodbye to your loved one. When the time comes to make a decision, there are a number of factors you can consider to guide your choice. You may wish to speak with the professional at the funeral home regarding factors such as your options for cemetery burial and cremation memorialization. 

Deciding Between Cremation and Burial - Mountain View Funeral Home

Personal Preferences

Consider whether your loved one may have specified a preference for either cremation or burial. For example, some people prefer burial because it is a natural way to integrate the body with the earth, while others are uncomfortable with the idea of being buried. Check with your family members and your loved one’s friends, and ask whether your loved one expressed a preference for either of these options. You can also contact your loved one’s estate lawyer or executor to determine if your loved one expressed his or her final wishes.

Religious and Cultural Beliefs

For many families, the overriding factor in choosing between cremation and burial is the loved one’s religious beliefs or cultural background. Many religions set forth specific guidelines for saying goodbye to loved ones. If your loved one did not specify a personal preference regarding this choice, it’s usually best to abide by his or her religious or spiritual beliefs.

Environmental Considerations

When a loved one was not religious or was comfortable deviating from tradition, you may wish to consider environmental factors when making the decision. Many people choose cremation because it does not require the use of land or embalming fluid.

Customizable Options

Regardless of your decision, know that there are customizable options available to help you honor your loved one. For example, if you choose burial, you could select a biodegradable casket. If you choose cremation, you and your family could establish a permanent memorial to your loved one to serve as a gathering place.

Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory offers a funeral service preplanning guide to help you make pre-arrangements for your burial or cremation. If you do choose cremation, our funeral home offers a number of respectful options for permanent memorials and gathering places for families. You can call our funeral home in Tacoma at (253) 584-0252 with any questions you may have.

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