A Look at Our Cenotaph

Garden Front Chapel-Mountain View

For some families, having cremains close by is a way to feel connected to lost loved ones and to preserve cherished memories. Other families prefer to scatter their loved one’s ashes in a location that held special meaning for the decedent. Sometimes, when loved ones make pre-arrangements, they may specify that they prefer their ashes to be scattered. Although it’s important to fulfill a loved one’s final wishes, many families long for a permanent memorial for their loved ones, which can provide a gathering place for reflection. At Mountain View Funeral Home and Memorial Park, we’re pleased to offer family members and friends just such a monument.

If your loved one preferred to have his or her ashes scattered, your family members and your loved one’s friends can gather at our cenotaph. Our cenotaph, the Book of Memories, is a permanent monument to all those who have been lost. We invite your family and friends of the family to visit our cenotaph, leave flowers, and reflect upon cherished memories.

In addition to our cremation services and beautifully landscaped memorial park, Mountain View Funeral Home and Memorial Park provides respectful, personalized funeral services and pre-arrangements. If you would like information on making pre-arrangements or respecting a lost loved one, please call our funeral home in Tacoma at (253) 584-0252.

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