• What Hairstyles Are Appropriate for Funerals?

    You probably already know that you should select somber, classic clothing for a funeral service or wake. The same principle applies to your hairstyle. Choose a hairstyle that won’t call attention to yourself and doesn’t look too overdone. For men, this may mean omitting the spiking gel in favor of a clean, combed look. For women, this may mean avoiding a messy, tousled hairstyle in favor of a sleek ponytail or chignon.

    You can watch this video get more helpful ideas on choosing a proper hairstyle for a funeral service. This hairstylist demonstrates how her model’s hair is both elegant and respectful.

    Mountain View Funeral Home and Memorial Park is a full-service funeral home with the resources your family needs to say your final goodbyes to your loved one. Families throughout the Tacoma area can call our funeral home and memorial park at (253) 584-0252.

  • Week Six: Mt. Rainier Memorial Mausoleum and Garden Construction

    Crypts & Slab on Grade

  • Unique Ideas for Memorializing a Lost Loved One

    After the funeral service and burial or cremation for your loved one, your family may feel as though a lost loved one should be permanently memorialized. Memorials – whether permanently placed in a memorial park or in the family home – offer a way for loved ones to reflect upon memories and pay homage to the decedent. Some memorials, such as memorial websites, allow distant family members and friends to join together to honor the life that has been lost. 

    Unique Ideas for Memorializing a Lost Loved One - Mountain View Funeral Home & Memorial Park

    Water Features

    Sometimes, staying busy with physical tasks after a loss is helpful for working through grief. Consider creating a water feature in your backyard to memorialize your loved one. Build a pond, line it with decorative rocks and ferns, and add fish if you wish. You may also wish to place a rock or other marker near the pond that is engraved with your loved one’s name.

    Memorial Jewelry

    Memorial jewelry is a wonderful way to keep reminders of your lost loved one close to you. You may wish to wear a signature piece of your loved one’s own jewelry collection. Or, you could place a photograph or a lock of his or her hair inside a locket.

    Memorial Websites

    Family members and friends that are scattered around the country or across the globe may appreciate a memorial website. There are many hosting companies that offer this service or your family could create your own website. With a memorial website, friends and family members can upload their favorite pictures of the decedent, share stories, and offer emotional support to each other.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Another way to memorialize your lost loved one is to explore volunteer opportunities in your area. You might consider volunteering as a grief counselor, a hospice volunteer, or as a driver for cancer patients who need to get to treatments. Volunteer opportunities are a way to remember your lost loved one while providing some much-needed assistance to the living.

    The funeral professionals at Mountain View Funeral Home and Memorial Park understand the need for surviving family members and friends to honor their lost loved ones through memorials that will stand the test of time. Our funeral home provides personalized memorial options, including memorial benches, pedestals, posts, and private cremation estates. Families in the Tacoma area can call our memorial park at (253) 584-0252.

  • Mt. Rainier Memorial Mausoleum and Garden Building Update

    Construction on the Mt. Rainier Mausoleum and Garden is going well! Last week, the team completed the forming of the crypt base slabs, the forming of crypt levels A & B, the installation of the HVAC duct work and more!

    Crypt Base Slab (2)

  • Candlelight Remembrance Ceremony – Dec. 7, 2014

    Candlelight Remembrance Ceremony

    Join us Sunday, December 7th, at 4 p.m. for our annual Candlelight Remembrance Service.

    This is a beautiful opportunity to gather during the holiday season to remember and express our love for those who have on past years made this season special to us.

    Refreshments will follow the service.

  • A Look at Our Cenotaph

    Garden Front Chapel-Mountain View

    For some families, having cremains close by is a way to feel connected to lost loved ones and to preserve cherished memories. Other families prefer to scatter their loved one’s ashes in a location that held special meaning for the decedent. Sometimes, when loved ones make pre-arrangements, they may specify that they prefer their ashes to be scattered. Although it’s important to fulfill a loved one’s final wishes, many families long for a permanent memorial for their loved ones, which can provide a gathering place for reflection. At Mountain View Funeral Home and Memorial Park, we’re pleased to offer family members and friends just such a monument.

    If your loved one preferred to have his or her ashes scattered, your family members and your loved one’s friends can gather at our cenotaph. Our cenotaph, the Book of Memories, is a permanent monument to all those who have been lost. We invite your family and friends of the family to visit our cenotaph, leave flowers, and reflect upon cherished memories.

    In addition to our cremation services and beautifully landscaped memorial park, Mountain View Funeral Home and Memorial Park provides respectful, personalized funeral services and pre-arrangements. If you would like information on making pre-arrangements or respecting a lost loved one, please call our funeral home in Tacoma at (253) 584-0252.

  • Week Four Update: Mt. Rainier Memorial Mausoleum and Garden Construction

    Crypt Base Slab Formed (2)

  • Examining Funeral Customs Around the Globe

    Many people view memorial services and funerals as a means of honoring their lost loved ones and celebrating their lives. Funerals are an opportunity for surviving family members and friends to come together to support one another while seeking a sense of closure. However, the exact way in which a loved one may be honored varies widely from culture to culture. 

    Balinese cremation ceremony offerings

    South Korea

    Not long ago, a funeral with burial to follow was the most widely accepted method of honoring a loved one in South Korea. However, due to the shrinking availability of land for burial, more families have had to choose cremation. In fact, the South Korean government passed a law requiring that families who bury their loved ones exhume them after 60 years. Instead of a traditional cremation, South Koreans are putting their own spin on the trend by working with companies that can transform cremains into decorative beads.

    The Philippines

    There is an array of ethnic groups in the Philippines who each have their own unique funeral customs. The Apayo, for example, traditionally bury their loved ones under the kitchen while the Caviteno near Manila select a hollowed-out tree as a burial ground. The customs prior to burial also vary. The Benguet place a blindfold on their deceased relatives and position them near the entrance to the home.


    While many cultures bury their dead, the Balinese prefer cremation. They believe that only through cremation can the spirits of their lost loved ones become free of earthly constraints and able to travel to the afterlife. Cremation services in Bali are characterized by elaborate rituals. Due to the lavishness of the rites, many families initially bury their dead to give themselves time to save the necessary funds to carry out the cremation rituals. Quite often, the decedents are buried until a person of royal standing passes. Then, the deceased commoners are cremated along with the individual of nobility.

    Mountain View Funeral Home and Memorial Park can help you honor your loved one’s wishes and traditions with respectful, personalized funeral and cremation options. Our funeral home also offers pre-arrangement services to families in the Tacoma area. You can reach our memorial park at (253) 584-0252 for more information.

  • Week Three Update: Mt. Rainier Memorial Mausoleum and Garden Construction

    Ground Wire, HVAC-Electrical Sleeves