Living With Grief: What to Expect and When to Get Help

Grief is a natural response to death, loss, and traumatic events. Becoming separated from a loved one, losing a job, experiencing the death of a pet, or seeing your kids move out of the home can trigger grief. Major changes such as moving, retiring, or getting a divorce can cause grief, too. Continue reading to learn more about living with grief and how Mountain View Funeral Home & Memorial Park can help.

Living With Grief: What to Expect and When to Get Help - Mountain View Funeral Home

How We Grieve

There are as many ways to grieve as there are people in the world, but in general there are five stages that many people experience as they grieve. The first stage is usually denial and shock, which is followed by the bargaining stage where we focus on what we could have done to prevent the traumatic event from happening in the first place. After this depression and anger are common. The last stage, acceptance, can take months or even years to reach.

Impediments to the Grieving Process

Minimizing or avoiding your feelings and emotions can slow, impede, and eventually worsen the grieving process. Overworking and abusing substances will also extend the grieving process .

Tactics for Resolving Grief

Acknowledging and accepting your feelings—both the positive and negative ones—is an effective approach to resolving grief. Allowing yourself time to experience uncomfortable thoughts and feelings is also important. Expressing feelings openly to trusted friends and family, or journaling about your emotions, is very helpful as well.

Seeking Help for Grief

If grief is getting in the way of living life, find a support group to visit or a counselor to talk to. Symptoms such as poor sleep, weight loss, depression, thoughts of suicide, and a loss of appetite should be taken very seriously.

If you are grieving, Mountain View Funeral Home & Memorial Park is here for you. Visit our website to access our online grief support services, and call us at (253) 584-0252 for more information about what our funeral home in Tacoma has to offer you.

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