Tips for Caring for Yourself While You Grieve

Grieving is a process that takes a substantial amount of mental, emotional, and physical energy. During the grieving process it’s common to feel completely worn out, which can make daily life that much harder. At Mountain View Funeral Home we want to offer you the following tips with the hope that it helps you along the grieving process.

Tips for Caring for Yourself While You Grieve - Mountain View Funeral Home

Pay Attention to Your Emotions

People experience different symptoms when grieving. The symptoms you experience will help you determine the best course of action. Of the most common emotional symptoms, you may experience sadness, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. Many people who are grieving also feel guilt, regret, anger, disappointment, and numbness. People who are grieving may feel fear, anxiety, and panic at some point as well. Identifying and expressing these feelings can be helpful in helping you move through them, instead of being stuck in them. Consider writing in a journal or sharing your feelings with a friend, relative, or counselor.

Be Aware of Mental and Cognitive Effects of Grieving

During the grieving process it is normal to experience difficulty concentrating or focusing on a task. To feel confusion or a short attention span is also typical. If you are processing facts and details inaccurately, or if you are experiencing forgetfulness, be as patient as you can; these symptoms often disappear with time. Avoid making major life decisions until you feel more mental clarity.

Take Care of Your Body

The physical symptoms of grieving can be debilitating. If you sleep excessively and still feel exhausted, just know that this is normal. If you experience aches, pains, illnesses, or changes in appetite, it’s essential to take good care of yourself. Take hot baths, get a soothing massage, eat balanced meals, and get plenty of rest. See a medically trained professional if your physical symptoms persist.

At Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory, we want you to feel supported through the grieving process. Our memorial park in Tacoma offers 24/7 online grief and support services. Visit our website for more information, and call us at (253) 584-0252 for more information.

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