What Decisions Will You Face When You Plan Your Funeral?

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When you plan your funeral, you ensure that your life is celebrated the way you want. Furthermore, preplanning alleviates any pressure on your loved ones to plan your funeral during the grieving process. If you are considering planning your funeral with a funeral home in Tacoma , here are some things to contemplate.

Preparing the Basics

Before planning a funeral , write down a list of individuals who should be notified in the event of a medical emergency or death. If you don’t want to write an obituary, at least write down some of the information you would like to have in it, or where the information should appear. Choose a funeral home for the service and, if applicable, cemetery grounds.

Choosing Body Disposition

The decision between cremation and traditional burial is easy for some, but difficult for others. Some people look to their communities, faiths, and families for guidance, while others are more concerned with the financial or environmental factors. Talk with a service advisor at your funeral home for help in choosing a body disposition option.

Personalizing the Service

Decide which speakers you want to represent you. You may want to plan for a loved one to read a eulogy or letter you have written. Give thought to the flowers, music, and readings you want to have at your service as well. Choose pallbearers for the burial ceremony—these individuals will be responsible for carrying the casket to the gravesite during the ceremony.

At Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory, we have helped countless people in the Tacoma area with funeral planning . To learn more about the benefits of preplanning your funeral, visit our website. Please also take a look at our funeral preplanning guide and the numerous grief and support resources we offer. If you have any questions, call us at (253) 584-0252 to speak with a compassionate, knowledgeable service counselor or funeral director.

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