• What Are the Traditions at Catholic Funerals?

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    In Catholic funeral tradition, the first event is the vigil, which is held shortly after the passing of a loved one. Following the vigil, the funeral liturgy and rite of committal help loved ones accept that the soul of the deceased has moved on to the afterlife. Read on to learn more about the traditions you may see at a Catholic funeral ceremony .


    Also known as the wake, the vigil is the time when the departure of the deceased’s spirit is acknowledged. Friends and relatives of the deceased gather and give the family of the deceased their support and condolences. Oftentimes, the vigil includes a reading from scripture, a shared reflection, communal prayer, and a brief eulogy.

    Funeral Liturgy

    Sometimes called the funeral mass, the funeral liturgy takes place during a regular mass. Readings are sometimes chosen in advance by the family of the deceased. The funeral liturgy is primarily done to forgive the sins of the deceased and recognize the salvation of his or her soul. The focus is just as much about loss as it is about faith and life after death.

    Rite of Committal

    Sometimes referred to as the burial, the rite of committal takes place at the cemetery and usually draws fewer people than the vigil and the liturgy. This is because the rite of committal is considered more private—an event to be shared by family and close friends of the deceased. The rite of committal is brief, with the final leave taking place at the graveside and involving a short offering of scripture.

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  • How to Prepare Children to Attend a Funeral

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    It’s not easy to attend a funeral, but it can be especially difficult if you plan to bring your children to the funeral as well. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to prepare your children before visiting the funeral home . Use the following tips to provide straightforward, helpful answers to your children’s questions while preparing them to attend the funeral.

    Tell Your Children What to Expect

    When preparing children for a funeral , explain the funeral process before visiting the funeral home. You may want to describe the funeral as a way of saying goodbye to the loved one. Let each child choose the activities he or she wants to participate in as well as the extent of the participation.

    Use Simple Language

    Avoid complicated medical terms when describing an illness or the circumstances surrounding the death. Oftentimes, it’s better to observe how your children are behaving and ask them questions rather than offering quick answers. You may want to ask your child to explain back his or her understanding of what you just said. This can help clarify which areas were confusing for your child.

    Allow Time for Your Children to Express Their Feelings

    Recognize that children grieve differently than adults. Young children may not have the words to express their grief, so they may be expressive of their grief through behavior, drawings, and other outlets. Do not rush into explaining things to your kids; instead, encourage them to ask questions, and then respond to them with honest and simple answers.

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  • Options for Mausoleum Entombments

    Private Mausoleum

    Having a permanent structure that can be visited by family and friends of a deceased individual can be important for those in mourning. One of the most famous types of above-ground entombment is the mausoleum: the Taj Mahal in India, the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, and the Tomb of the Unknown Solider in Arlington National Cemetery are prime examples. At Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory, we offer above-ground, in-ground, and private estate options. If you want a mausoleum for above-ground entombment, we offer a variety of options. We offer private mausoleums that can be custom-built to reflect your vision, and also have established mausoleum options, including single crypts and companion crypts, which fit a wide range of budgets.

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  • What Are Legacy Eulogies?

    The primary goal of the legacy eulogy is to highlight what the person’s life was like and what he or she is leaving behind. First, the legacy eulogy discusses what the deceased has left behind, such as family, work projects, and personal endeavors. After this, the eulogy highlights the milestones in the person’s life. To personalize the eulogy, the deliverer usually includes the thoughts and emotions he or she had at the time of these main points. If you have been asked to give a eulogy, watch this video clip to see if a legacy eulogy is the right option.

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  • What Decisions Will You Face When You Plan Your Funeral?

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    When you plan your funeral, you ensure that your life is celebrated the way you want. Furthermore, preplanning alleviates any pressure on your loved ones to plan your funeral during the grieving process. If you are considering planning your funeral with a funeral home in Tacoma , here are some things to contemplate.

    Preparing the Basics

    Before planning a funeral , write down a list of individuals who should be notified in the event of a medical emergency or death. If you don’t want to write an obituary, at least write down some of the information you would like to have in it, or where the information should appear. Choose a funeral home for the service and, if applicable, cemetery grounds.

    Choosing Body Disposition

    The decision between cremation and traditional burial is easy for some, but difficult for others. Some people look to their communities, faiths, and families for guidance, while others are more concerned with the financial or environmental factors. Talk with a service advisor at your funeral home for help in choosing a body disposition option.

    Personalizing the Service

    Decide which speakers you want to represent you. You may want to plan for a loved one to read a eulogy or letter you have written. Give thought to the flowers, music, and readings you want to have at your service as well. Choose pallbearers for the burial ceremony—these individuals will be responsible for carrying the casket to the gravesite during the ceremony.

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