• What Does a Pallbearer Do?

    Funeral with casket carried by coffin bearer

    The primary role of a pallbearer is to help carry or officially escort a casket at a funeral. Friends, relatives, and professional associates of the deceased are most likely to be pallbearers for the deceased. There are usually only a small number of pallbearers—maybe six or eight—so if you were chosen, it means you were an important person in the life of the deceased. Some funerals have pallbearers who actually carry the casket, while others have honorary pallbearers who accompany the casket but do not carry it. If you were asked to be a pallbearer, consider it an honor, and be sure to arrive early so you can receive instructions from the funeral home on how to proceed.

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  • Signs You Should Seek a Helping Hand with Your Grief

    Meeting Of Support Group

    Grief is a normal emotion that arises from losing someone or something that you care deeply about. It is both painful and difficult to go through the grieving process, which is why it can be important to seek a helping hand from a friend, family member, or faith community. If you are dealing with grief and you aren’t sure whether to seek help, read this article to find out if you could benefit from grief support .

    Your Grief Feels Like Too Much to Bear

    Grief affects people differently, but usually involves sadness, guilt, anger, fear, shock, and even physical symptoms. It can take weeks, months, or even years to learn how to manage your grief. But in the meantime, if you feel as though your grief is too much to bear, or you feel numb and disconnected, seek the help of a support group or grief counselor .

    You Aren’t Feeling Better Over Time

    There is no right or wrong timeline for grief. It can take one person a few weeks to move on from a loss, while it takes another person several years. However, if you are mourning and grieving to the point where your health is taking a toll or you find it difficult to function normally, seek the help of a grief counselor.

    You Are Showing Signs of Depression

    After a loss, the sadness of losing someone will eventually set in. Sadness, when part of the grieving process, will generally involve a mix of good and bad days, with some moments of pleasure and happiness mixed in. If you instead feel a constant emptiness and despair that does not relent, you may be showing symptoms of depression. Seeing a mental health professional can be important for addressing this health condition.

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