How to Support a Teenager When a Close Friend Dies

sad teenager girl

Death is a natural part of life, but losing a close friend is still devastating. This is particularly true when the deceased is a young person, and his friends must confront death in a much more immediate way. Being a teenager is hard enough on its own, and losing a friend and peer is an extremely difficult experience. While nothing can bring the deceased back to life, you can support your teenager by being there for him before, during, and after the funeral service. Keep reading to learn how to support a teenager when a close friend dies.

Be Available

Grief in teenagers may look a bit different than grief in adults, and it’s important to remember that this is completely normal. Your teenager may have questions about his friend’s death, or may stay silent about the matter. Make sure you spend plenty of time at home so that you are there if your teenager needs you for answers or simply support when he is feeling low. You can ask your teenager questions to find out how he is feeling, but be respectful of his wishes if he asks for time alone. You should also be aware of any signs of preoccupation with the death if your teenager does not seem to move through his grief.

Be Understanding

Losing a close friend is an extremely painful experience no matter how old you are, and going through this during formative teenage years can sometimes intensify this pain. Listen to your teen when he asks for help, and do your best to continue the conversation instead of suggesting that he find a solution for his grief. You may want to find out if his school offers counseling services, or talk with other parents to arrange a time where you and your kids can talk and listen together. Everyone grieves differently, so it’s your job to be there for comfort and understanding when you are needed.

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