• Planning the Readings for a Memorial Service

    Families use each component of a funeral to reflect on a loved one’s memory and legacy. The following video from eHow.com offers tips for family members to personalize and plan the readings for a memorial service.

    Funeral arts professional Steve Spann explains how the content is typically decided between the family and the primary speaker leading the service. Families can choose from poems or verses that were favorites of the recently departed. The best memorial service readings serve both as reflective memorial and living tribute

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  • Tips for Talking to Aging Parents About Funeral Planning

    at the meeting

    No one wants to think about the mortality of their parents. Still, it’s something that everyone must confront. Though it may be a difficult topic, discussing your parent’s funeral arrangements is important for preparing yourself and your family for your parents’ inevitable passing. Here are a few suggestions that will help you and your parents begin the conversation about funeral preplanning .  

    Start the Conversation Early

    The sooner you broach the topic of funeral preplanning, the more time your parents will have to think about it and begin the planning process. You might discuss the idea of preplanning your own funeral to convince your parents that they should do the same. However you introduce the topic, be sure to demonstrate that you have your family’s best interests at heart.

    Focus on Practical Benefits

    Many people are hesitant to preplan their own funerals because they don’t want family members to “make a fuss.” When discussing the prospect of preplanning a funeral, tell your parents that preplanning can actually make the funeral planning process much easier. By preplanning their funerals, your parents can take the pressure of organizing the funeral off the surviving family members, thus simplifying the grieving process . Preplanning also ensures that your parents’ funeral ceremony and burial wishes are honored.   

    Offer to Help with Planning

    If your parents are still hesitant to preplan their funerals, you might consider offering your help. You can assist with online research, help rule out burial options, and speak with a funeral home representative. Preplanning a funeral doesn’t take a long time—chances are your parents already have a good idea of how they wish to be memorialized. After you get preplanning out of the way, you and your parents can focus on enjoying the time you have left.

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  • What is Grief or Bereavement?

    After the loss of a loved one, you often hear words like “grief” or “bereavement.” Though you probably have a basic understanding of these words, you may not be clear on their explicit meanings.    

    In this short video, motivational speaker David Kessler discusses the concepts of grief and bereavement. Grief, he says, is the emptiness or sadness felt in the wake of losing a loved one, while bereavement refers to a period of time during which grief is felt.

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