Vietnamese Funeral Traditions

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Vietnamese culture places a great deal of emphasis on honoring those who have passed and allowing mourning family and friends time to grieve for their loss. Though the faith of the decreased may slightly alter the practices that family and friends perform during a funeral , the following aspects of a traditional Vietnamese funeral generally remain the same from one family to the next.

Family Visitation

When a loved one passes, his family washes his body and places clean white garments on him. To honor his passing, immediate family members also wear white attire. Before the formal funeral process begins, the family is given time to be with their decreased loved one and commemorate him.

Guest Visitation

Once the immediate family has sufficient time to grieve in private , other family members and close friends can come to the private home or funeral home to pay tribute to the deceased. These individuals are given the chance to view the body of the passed loved one. In honor of him, guests at the funeral may also give bouquets or financial gifts to the family.


The burial of a loved one is an occasion that all individuals—including immediate family, distant family, and friends—may attend. The outdoor setting in which the burial takes place may vary according to the custom of the family. In some Vietnamese traditions, the burial may be carried out with little outward emotion displayed by those in attendance. In some families, though, the eldest son may display his grief in public to make known the pain he is feeling over the loss of the loved one.

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