A Glimpse into South Korean Funeral Rituals

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During a funeral, recognizing cultural customs are important. Historically, South Korean funeral rituals were very elaborate, but in modern times, traditions have become more simplified. At Mountain View Funeral Home , our caring staff can help you incorporate South Korean rituals into your loved one’s funeral service in whatever way you see fit. Here is a look at South Korean funeral traditions that you may wish to consider.

Funeral Length

South Korean funerals typically last for three days, allowing friends and family members time to get into town to pay their final respects. Traditionally, it is the responsibility of the oldest son of the deceased to make sure funeral arrangements are made and that all parts of the service go smoothly. In modern times, that role can be played by whoever is best-suited to handle the job. You may wish to honor the three-day ritual by arranging for visitations to be held on three separate days, followed by a funeral service.

Funeral Dress

South Korean mourners traditionally wore robes and hats made of hemp. The length of the mourning cloths indicated the relationship with the deceased. Now, it is common for mourners of both genders to wear black clothing. If the eldest son is taking charge of funeral arrangements, he may wear a black suit with a hemp hat.

Funeral Offerings

If you are a guest at a South Korean funeral, it is traditional to give a monetary offering to the family at the service. This money, similar to money collected at a wedding, is to help offset the cost of burial for the family. Many families place a collection envelope near the guest book at the visitation area in the funeral home.

Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park, & Crematory welcomes and accommodates funeral customs from all cultures and religions. Our Tacoma funeral home can help you devise a service that truly befits your lost loved one. To find out how we can help you, please call us at (253) 584-0252. 

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