Taking a Look at Traditional Chinese Funeral Ceremonies

Jiufen cemetery on the hills

Many cultures have age-old conventions that they practice upon the death of individuals in their community, and Chinese society is no different. This culture has very specific rites that they faithfully carry out for funeral and cemetery services . The following information highlights some of these longstanding activities.

Family Rituals

In honor of the deceased, family members may be quite vocal during the funeral services of a loved one. Loud weeping is seen as a sign of respect. The deceased’s coffin must also be brought inside the house during the funeral services if he passed away in the home. Once the memorial part of the ceremony is complete, the family must travel to the burial site behind the vehicle carrying the casket. If the deceased has a son, he is the first person to lead the processional. The oldest remaining members of the family will follow.

Burial Arrangements

The family attends the burial segment of the funeral services . Here, they can each put mounds of earth on the surface of the casket after it is in its final resting place. Some soil is kept for future rituals that will pay tribute to the individual that has died. It’s also very important that the burial take place on elevated ground if possible.

Honor Customs

In Chinese culture, the oldest members of the community are the ones given the highest form of veneration. When someone of advanced age dies, it becomes the responsibility of his children to arrange and pay for his funeral and burial needs. In the event that a person with no children passes away, he cannot be given the same level of respect, no matter his age.

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