• Inside the Different Stages of Grief

    Grief Support

    The loss of a loved one can bring on emotions that rise and fall without notice and overwhelm the senses. Such feelings are normal. No two people experience grief in the same way, so no judgment can be made as to what is a normal period of mourning. In addition, the stages of bereavement can fluctuate from one individual to the next.

    Refusal to Accept Death

    No matter if a loved one’s passing was a sudden or expected event, it can produce feelings of denial in friends and family. The belief that the deceased has not really died, or that his condition is not real, is common. It is a strategy people use to ease the shock of hearing such upsetting news.

    Rage Against the Situation

    Extreme anger can also rise to the surface when a loved one receives a terminal diagnosis or dies. Many people feel that the passing of a family member or friend is unfair. Especially if the deceased is a young person, rage can be a significant stage of grief.

    Negotiation for Time

    Upon hearing of a loved one’s death, some people may persistently think over situations where they could have acted in a different way. For instance, they may wish that they had made more time for the person who has passed.

    Despair Over the Passing

    An integral part of grief is sadness. To feel despair over the passing of someone who you loved is a natural part of this process. Whether that person was a parent, sibling, spouse, or child, the pain and depression that develop can be powerful.

    Acknowledgement of Loss

    Coming to terms with a loved one’s passing is the final stage of grief. It does not mean that the healing period from a person’s death is complete. Rather, it denotes that those who have suffered the loss of someone close can now accept that their friend or family member is gone.

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  • A Guide to Selecting Funeral Flowers

    Spring Tulips

    If you would like to show your regard for someone who has died or sympathy for his family, you may want to send flowers to the funeral home at which the services will take place. Choosing the right flowers for the arrangement can depend on several factors.

    First, consider the person who has passed. Did he have a beloved blossom? If so, requesting a wreath or arrangement with that flower would be a thoughtful gesture. You can also choose from a wide variety of popular floral options. The lily is a standard funeral flower. When you select white lilies, you are sending a message of peace to those in grief. You can also use roses as funeral arrangement flowers. This flower comes in a diverse range of colors, each signifying a different emotion. Light pink roses typically represent the sender’s sympathy for those who are mourning.

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  • Arranging a Cremation Service for Your Loved One

    Cremation is a viable alternative for individuals who do not want a burial. If your loved one wanted to be cremated instead of buried, you have several options.

    Direct cremation is one choice. This option means that no services are given and no visitation allowed. Once the cremation is completed, the funeral home returns the cremated remains to the family. If your loved one wished to have a memorial service, you can also choose to have a gathering of family and friends before the cremation takes place. A funeral home can help you determine your options and make all necessary arrangements.

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  • Common Traditions During a Mexican American Funeral Ceremony

    Rose on the tombstone

    People around the world have different attitudes toward death. One of the most positive national attitudes toward death can be found in Mexico, where death is not a taboo subject but rather something that is widely accepted as a natural part of life from a young age. Cultural ways of coping with death in Mexico have influenced the Mexican American funeral ceremony, which can be characterized by the following customs.

    The Wake
    After notifying members of the community about the death, a wake is often held at the family home of the deceased. This is an opportunity for loved ones to pay their respects in a more intimate setting before the funeral service is held. It is also a time for those most affected by the loss to be comforted and consoled.

    The Service
    Mexican American funerals tend to be elaborate, as no expenses can be spared when it comes to sending a loved one into the afterlife. In spite of a broader understanding and acceptance of death than can be found at funeral ceremonies in most cultures, Mexican American funerals are very emotional. Often present are colorful floral arrangements and various memorabilia of the life of the deceased.

    The Burial
    The strong Catholic influence found in Mexican American culture makes the traditional burial a far more popular option than cremation. An in-ground burial typically follows a funeral service, and serves as another ceremony at which the deceased’s life is honored.

    Later Celebrations
    Mexican Americans honor their dead throughout the year, and not only on the anniversary of a loved one’s birth or death. Every November, family and friends gather to pay homage to loved ones they have lost. Dia de los muertos , or “day of the dead,” can be celebrated by marchers in a costume-intensive parade, grave site visits, and the construction of private altars containing food and beverage sacrifices.

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