Ideas for Planning a Meaningful Memorial Service

The memorial service allows the family and friends of a deceased person to celebrate his or her life in a personal way. Memorial services may be held in tandem with or as an alternative to a funeral, and they can take place anywhere from a few days to a full year or more after an individual’s passing. If you have been charged with the challenging task of planning a loved one’s memorial service and you want it to be truly special, consider the following ideas

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Personalize the Service

The most meaningful memorial services tend to be those that are personalized to suit the personality of the deceased. Think about your loved one’s life and passions when selecting a venue, scheduling a program, and choosing music. Incorporate his or her wishes or persona into the memorial service timeline whenever possible.

Create a Slideshow or Video Tribute

A photograph slideshow or memorial video can bring a great deal of meaning to a memorial service by using funny and memorable photographs and quotes from the deceased. Choreograph it to appropriate music that your loved one enjoyed.

Ask Family and Friends to Speak and Perform

Ask people who knew the deceased well if they would be willing to eulogize the loved one or read any scripture and literary verse you are incorporating into the service. Family members with public speaking experience and singers who are attending the memorial service may be well-suited for these roles, enhancing the personal feel of the service by using their talent to share memories of the deceased.

Ask for Help

The more people who knew the deceased who contribute to the service, the more meaningful it will be. Combine the assistance of family and friends with that of funeral planning professionals in order to cover more bases and broaden the appeal of the service. More minds will think of more memories and creative tributes to honor the life being celebrated at the service.

The funeral service provider you hire can help you with every step of the memorial service planning process. To speak with a dedicated and experienced funeral planning and cremation specialist in the Tacoma area, call Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory at (253) 584-0252.

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