Finding the Support You Need to Cope with Grief and Loss

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult situations anyone will ever be faced with. Whether you are saying goodbye to a close friend or relative, the grief and sadness you feel at the loss may seem overwhelming. It is completely normal to experience such feelings of grief before and after the funeral service . If you are dealing with intense feelings of grief, a trusted funeral home can able to provide you with resources to help you cope. Read on to learn how to find support in coping with grief and loss.

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Look to Friends and Family

Finding support in those close to you is one of the most important parts of the grieving process. Whether you share a common loss or you feel like you are going through this loss by yourself, don’t be afraid to ask the people you love for support. Chances are, the people close to you will want to do whatever they can to help you in your grieving. If you need assistance with funeral arrangements or simply a friend to lean on, reach out to those who care about you. Someday you may be able to support them in their time of need.

Seek Counseling

The death of a loved one can cause many complicated emotions to surface. If you are feeling like your grief is consuming you or that you need someone to talk to, seek out a professional therapist with experience working with grief issues . An experienced counselor will help you sort through your emotions and help you move through the stages of the grieving process. Many people find talking to a therapist freeing because he or she is there solely to listen to you, without any preconceived notions.

Join a Support Group

Hospitals, funeral homes, and therapists can all recommend grief support groups to help you in your journey. You are not alone in your grief, and it can often be helpful to hear other people’s stories and share your own.

Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park & Crematory knows that losing a loved one is an emotional, stressful time. Call us today at (253) 584-0252 to find out about our grief support services, including our grief support groups. 

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