Cemetery Cremation Options

If your loved one expressed a desire to be cremated during his or her lifetime, Mountain View Funeral Home can help you accommodate those wishes with our cremation services. Our caring staff will assist you through every step of the planning process so you can make simple yet informed decisions during this difficult and emotional time. Here are some of our cemetery cremation options:

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Cenotaphs to Honor a Loved One

Many survivors find it difficult to honor a loved one who had his or her ashes scattered. If you would like to establish a place where you can go to feel closer to a friend or family member who has passed, be sure to speak with our friendly memorial park staff about creating a cenotaph. 

A Place to Sit and Reflect

Mountain View Funeral Home can help you create a space where you can reflect upon your loved one with our beautiful cremation benches. Our large selection allows you to choose a style that reflects who your loved one was and how he or she would want to be remembered.

Family Cremation Estates

Families can ensure that each of their relatives has a place to mourn, reflect, and celebrate one another’s memory by creating a family cremation estate. Each estate features an elegant bench and family stone that marks the sight within our Valley Rose Urn Garden.

Personalized Glass Niches

If your loved one had a truly unique spirit and personality, you might honor him or her with a personalized glass front niche. These niches are located within the Mountain View Memorial Mausoleum and can be customized to include photos, flowers, and keepsakes that were especially significant to your relative or friend.

No matter what type of arrangements you choose for your loved one or for yourself, Mountain View Funeral Home, Memorial Park, & Crematory can offer a helping hand. Our Tacoma funeral home is committed to providing each client with caring and professional services in their time of need. To learn more about our cemetery cremation options , call (253) 584-0252.

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